LanaDevi Designs

Chakra inspired designs from the urban yogini!

Cultivate the unity of the universe within…

Honored to have this incredible lady wearing my art!  Toni Bergins, creator of Journey Dance

Anahata Aum

Anahata Love earrings

Vibrating Love

Aum Hamsa Unify

tiger’s eye
aventurine (green)
aventurine (blue)
clear quartz

Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones in Chakra hues knotted on beige dyed silk!


Swarovski Crystal

Czech Glass

Buddha eyes

Solar Plexus bracelet

Ahimsa vissudha bracelet

Balance bracelet

steampunk eclectic love bracelet

Guru (gee! you are you!) earrings

unify necklace

Ajnahata Plexus necklace


One LOVE necklace

Ahimsa Anahata necklace

Muladhara necklace

Muladhara necklace

Muladhata Necklace

Muladhata necklace

Chakra live bracelet

Chakra LIVE bracelet

Chakra necklace

semi-precious stones: garnet, carnelian, citrine, aventurine, blue sodalite, purple fluorite

Traditions necklace

Vibrate Lotus Love necklace

Ahimsa Vissudhata bracelet

First Men’s piece!

deep green…heart chakra/Rudraksha seeds (tears of shiva) from a Mala I bought in India/sterling silver findings, underlayer various colored seed beads from a necklace that was given to me from a little man in India!

First Family set!

Tiger’s eye Mala (Hindu tradition)

higher quality photo to come!

Muladhata Necklace

I love to wear my art!

For pricing and more information and details, please visit:

Bijoux lovers…

Kim-from London, England  wearing the Ajnahata Bracelet

Alyssa wears the Ahimsa Vissudha Bracelet with her Rosewood Mala

Kim wears the

Ajnahata Plexus Necklace!


One Response to LanaDevi Designs

  1. kerryann says:

    omg.some of these pieces are mind boggling!!!u made all these? ur beautiful!

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