“Follow Thy Heart”

Namaste lovelies!  


Yes, yes, it’s been much too long. What prompted me to write this post is a dear friend, Gunjan Raizada Chakravarty.  She has started a Non-Profit Organization, which you can read more about on her blog.  I believe that this woman who is embodying a divine soul, is truly one of my spiritual teachers in this lifetime.  Her sense of altruism and spiritual connection is profound and will never cease to amaze.  I remember seeing her after some time and the focus of our very brief conversation was-without question-gratitude for the connection to source, or God-if I may be even more blatant!  She revealed to me, all of the instances in her life-in which the divine was present and guiding.  Even in the mundane-traffic!  She offered her situation to God and sure enough, the clear path opened to welcome her.  I have found it extremely beneficial in every way to adopt this belief system.  When has gratitude and faith in source ever had anything but a positive effect on all living beings?  I am grateful to learn from Gunjan, as her outlook on the world is beautiful and if it were more prevalent among all citizens of the world…yes, it’s true-the world would be a better place.  Here’s my example and experience to support this statement.

On Gunjan’s birthday, she was adamant about me joining her celebration.  Her Birthday is the same day as Ghandi’s.  If you believe in signs-here’s one right here!  World leader, she is, without a doubt…365 days and her birth date falls on the same as this realized-soul?  There is certainly meaning here.  After a sattvic lunch-or shall I just say-incredibly nourishing and balanced-she wanted to devote her special day to others.  She chose to dine at Fresh Choice-a chain of buffet-style restaurants here in Northern California that offers local, organic produce.  We ate and then devoted a few hours following to supply nourishment to others.  

I will add here, that when Gunjan told me she wanted to serve food…I was elated.  Something inside of me-for as long as I remember-calls me to action when I witness the many souls who have found themselves sleeping on the streets, without basic necessities.  I can’t help but question, “why?”  Is there a good reason for anyone to live this way?  Filthy, hungry and unstable?   If we all want the same thing-in essence and we are all one…as I wholeheartedly believe-then why is there suffering?  I won’t get into the depth of this here, but needless to say (or carry on)-I like to offer what I can (or sometimes even what I can’t!) to those in need.  

Gunjan had another idea in mind. She wanted to offer a small serving of prepped watermelon to construction workers. In all honesty-I have never once had the desire to serve food to construction workers.  No offense to these hard working souls, but in my short 26 years on this earth, I haven’t witnessed a high level of composure from them.  I’ve been stared at in some very vulgar ways…the stereotypes have proved true more often than not.  Construction workers whistling and cat calling to ladies passing by?  Yes, we’ve seen it. We know it.  It’s not so attractive in my opinion   The last thing it makes me want to do is rush over and offer them food while they’re working.  When I announced this idea to my father, he replied, “They don’t need a hand out!  They make a good living doing their job and are certainly not starving, nor are they having trouble taking care of themselves.”  I had to concur.  However, this aside, they are just like you and me, and working out in the sun in Northern California can be treacherous. There’s no debating that.  

I respect Gunjan and all of her actions as she truly devotes her life to a higher purpose.  Despite my apprehension, I committed to stand by her side and walk out into a construction zone-unquestionably off limits to the public.  We brought with us forks and a few plastic containers of neatly prepped watermelon from Trader Joe’s on a blazing hot October day.  I let Gunjan lead the way, as I had to ease into this new situation. She had been offering food for many month prior to construction workers and garbage men alike! Literally anyone in service that she came into contact with, it seemed!

The men were either dumbfounded, resistant or elated and ultimately grateful.  I, myself found one man’s seemingly overzealous joy a bit comical, and began laughing.  He verbally expressed how great we were and how sweet and nice and how there’s not a lot of people like us.  The way he conveyed this almost came off child-like and completely innocent.  This is also when a slight shift occurred in me.  I needn’t generalize all of this neon-suited men!  They are not all the same, and even the strange unwelcome actions of some could come from anyone of the opposite sex.  This man was truly grateful for the offering.  Looking at this from an even broader perspective…there is a ripple effect.  Positive energy and intention and sent out into the universe effects all as all is one!  It doesn’t matter who these people are-construction workers, garbage truck drivers, homeless or poverty stricken millionaire or billionaire!  The concept of collective consciousness reveals no discretion in the direction of energy put out.  

My wise and also ultimately conscious husband, Joe also noted a simple subtle aspect of our early October mission: “how do you know that man isn’t going to go home and treat his wife better-or his kids-because he felt gratitude today?”  I get it!  It’s true.  Making people feel appreciated is never a lost cause.  As Gunjan held out the container as an offering to each man, she said something to the extent of, we appreciate your hard work, we’d like to offer you some nourishment.  We received more gratitude than unperceptive responses.   Overall lesson, offering positive energy to the world is needed and has a positive effect regardless of the direction it is sent out.


om lokah samastah sukinoh bhavantu ❤



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2 Responses to “Follow Thy Heart”

  1. Gunjan says:

    Hi Little Amma,

    Yo are an angel at writing too.

    For me, it was a very spl. day. I was so full of gratitude for all that I have, instead of focusing on what I don’t :))


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