Firewalk with Anthony Robbins in San Jose July 2012

Walking on fire? It’s a breeze! ha!

No really. It’s quite exhilarating. It’s a metaphor…if you can walk on 1200 degree coals and don’t get any HOT SPOTS, then what else can you do?!  What can you achieve? What can you walk right through, unscathed? Anything?

If you did get a HOT SPOT, or “burned” then…damn straight!  You know those coals are real!  Thank goodness I did feel the heat the first time (2011). I knew this wasn’t a joke!  If I hadn’t, would I believe it to be true?  That these were real coals?  That the fire wasn’t a mirage?  It’s real folks. 6000 people walked on fire in San Jose, CA. July 19, 2012…and thousands before them.

21 people treated for burns after firewalk” did you hear about this in the news?  How did it make you feel?  Were you worried? Concerned?  …curious?!
If you’re one who is quick to draw conclusions (without firsthand experience that is), I urge you to come to the next seminar in Orlando, FL this November 2012.  If you felt that this news was a bit exaggerated, you may be right. If you felt that this news was informative and helped you to make a decision in your life, you may be right.  You’ll never know what to conclude if you don’t come try it yourself!

The whole entire day (first day of the seminar) Tony prepares you to walk on fire. To walk across 10 feet of blazing red 1200 degree coals.  This is a metaphor!  Would you ever imagine of doing something like this in your life?  If you have the privilege of attending Unleash the Power Within, with Anthony Robbins-you have the opportunity to traverse this path, laid for you-to overcome the blocks that stand in your way.

If you set out to do anything in your life, and you fail-you don’t follow through, you stop trusting yourself after repeating this pattern time and time again.  Conversely, if you set out to achieve; you have a goal-a mission–and you follow through, can you repeat this process?  If you are certain that you can-that you MUST–and YOU DO!  How empowering is that?

When I stepped up to that bed of fiery coals the first time…I froze.  My mind said, “Wait!  That’s hot!  You’ll burn! Run the OTHER FRIKKEN WAYYYYY!!”  This voice in my head…it’s loud as hell, all of the time!  When I set out to accomplish-to make my way to my goal, to my dreams-that voice says the same crap!  But this time… not this time. NOT THIS TIME!  I am up to the plate. I am walking.  I am going to get to the other side, without a mark, unscathed.  The lead in/the trainer-the “coach”, standing by my side-tuning into my fear-got loud, real loud, “MAKE YOUR MOVE!  SAY YES!  SAY YES!  YOU’RE NOT READY…MAKE YOUR MOVE!  THAT’S IT! YOU’VE GOT IT! …NOW GO-GO-GO!!!”  Was it a man, a woman?  I don’t even remember at this point, I just know when I first stepped up, I wasn’t ready.

I was scared.  I’m so tired of not being ready.  Of being scared. Of waiting to go for my dreams because I don’t feel prepared.  That is such bull$hit!  WHY?!  I have what it takes to go for my dreams and reach my goals…I just need a push sometimes-just like YOU!  So, I went for it!   ………but wait.  I stopped. In the middle of my first firewalk…I stopped.  I looked down and was in awe. I was walking on fire!  The coals were right beneath my feet, surrounding me.  It was absolutely surreal.  The brief millisecond was an eternity….I marched onward-urged by the support of the amazing team surrounding my fire lane…every amazing leader leading me to victory…8 of them, WAS IT?!  I made it!  I celebrated!  I screamed…NOOO! Not in agony (as the media is currently portraying)! In joy! In bliss! The feeling when you know you took a hold and said-I MUST!  I did it.  The next day, damnit!  I had a two hot spots.  Two measly hot spots.  Do you know how happy I was to have those hot spots as reminders?  I cherished them.  They reminded me… when I have a goal-I need to keep focused.  Move forward without distraction.  Let nothing stand in my way.  Stay in STATE, stay confident, stay certain-strong!

That one moment that I lost focus-and let my external world distract my internal world, I suffered.  Only very very minimal suffering-but! None the less, suffering it was.

I’ve walked 6 times since this day in 2011-the first time I “walked on fire.”  I haven’t been “burned” once.  No hot spots. No nothing.  The last time I walked-this past week, in San Jose-the time with all of the wonderful publicity-I was not affected by the coals.  No pain.

Do you want to know why? What I attribute my success to?  Since, I do admit-I was fearful, once again. I stepped up to the lane and was a little thrown off.  Oh gosh. Yup, they’re still real coals.  Still HOT!  My mind was whirling out of control-I needed to grab a hold…

The trainer who helped me get in state before I walked reminded me, “YOU’VE DONE THIS BEFORE!”  This was all I needed.  I was ready after that statement.  DAMN right I’ve done it before!  I can do it again!

ANYTHING you’ve accomplished in life is fuel to take the next step in stepping into your dreams. Achieving any goal-all goals!  I LOVE walking on fire!  I would gladly do it every DAY!  The amazing power I feel when I take on fear and walk with it-is literally out of this world.  Limitations.  pfft!  Limitations aren’t real.  Break records. Break Barriers. STEP UP!

Read the news-read it all-then come do it-YOURSELF!

…after the fire walk-smiling so big my face hurt! (not my feet)

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