and 1 and 2 and 3 and get that toe up to your nose!

Are you wondering?  Alright…soooo!  I haven’t quit working on my physique-and more importantly, my summer goal!  I haven’t done sit-ups/crunches or all of that good stuff everyday (maybe just a slight lack of determination), but!  I am quite active.  Everything is connected.  I haven’t seen anyone with killer abs and a big saggy butt and flabby arms…blah blah, you know what I’m saying.

I must tell you what I experienced yesterday.  I NEVER go to gyms.  It’s just not my thing.  It’s not my “vibe.”  I like to go to clubs with incredible music and dance with my friends for a good “work-out.”  What’s better than your best workout ever-and you didn’t even notice-for one second-that you were “working out?!”  Point made.  I love being physically active-but there’s a way that I go about it-that doesn’t involve beating the crap out of myself.

BUT! That’s just what I did yesterday.  To be honest, I thought I’d be so sore today that I couldn’t even get out of bed…I’m not!  How is that possible?!

I went to a class called  Barre Burn, taught by Kirsten Johnson  at Equinox Gym in Palo Alto… and NO stereotyping here-I just have to tell the truth here…I KNEW she was German. She was hardcore!  Ass kicking!  Through the blaring electronic music and middle aged cheering women-my own internal dialogue was still loud!

“Am I really the youngest person in this class?  Holy CRAP there are 50 women in this room!  What the hell do they do with themselves? Everyone is in shape! Except her. But! She’s here! Sheee’s keeping up-and I’m dying!…hollly crap…I can’t lift this frikking weight again…  That woman next to me is 90 isn’t she? Damn! she looks damn good for 90!  How the hell is she lifting her leg higher than mine?! How the hell can’t I keep up?  Step my foot where? You want me to do what with my hips?  Squat how many more times?!! ahhhhh!”

I felt like someone had injected me with speed. I was losing my mind.  I was over stimulated in every way. Blaring music. Moving bodies everywhere.  The instructor barking the next move.  Telling my body to keep up.  Hoping no one was looking or had even glanced at me…

I felt like a million BUCKS after the class but I was watching the clock the WHOLE TIME.  Damn that s!*t was challenging!  I guess kicking my leg up in the air four thousands times while holding a squishy ball and balancing on a ten pound stick isn’t my cup of tea.  Though, if is your cup of tea…do it!  It was fun, just not my top preference. The instructor is amazing, she really noticed everyone in the room and kept the energy up and managed to keep count and I was truly astounded.  Very skilled.  Not to mention the women in the class!  What drive!  What stamina!

Just thought I’d share.  Gyms are so fun…group fitness classes especially.  To me, it was something like a film that I had the opportunity to watch from the inside.

Next time I need a shot of REAL energy, I’ll drop into another Barre Burn class…with Kirsten of course.

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2 Responses to and 1 and 2 and 3 and get that toe up to your nose!

  1. Barry says:

    Always wonder about those people who just don’t look like they’d last one round but they go twelve while your own tongue is dragging on the ground. I see the same thing in marathons. I say (under my breath) “I can’t see a single muscle on you.” Mind you, I’m behind them, not the other way around. They’re bouncing along at mile18 at a sub 4-hour pace, yacking away toa friend

  2. Barry says:

    * about nothing…..

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