Follow UP!

My friends!  I have not forgotten.  I am using the power of imagination and manifestation.  ABS!  Core!  Center of physical self! Become strong I ask! ha!  No really, I’v been talking to my abs.  A very smart friend told me to.  Its working, I think.

This photo is from a recent photo shoot, yet it is untouched-no photoshop, completely raw-not a HUGE improvement since it’s only been a few weeks, yet a slight improvement?

I’ve decreased my sugar intake (always a battle with the sweet tooth), significantly and also increased my protein intake.  I am a vegetarian and thus, no animal protein.  Mung beans, garbanzo beans, a bit of whey protein (yes I know it’s dairy).  I’ve also slightly decreased caloric intake.

It would certainly be more compelling if I had actual numbers and knew what those numbers were prior to this goal.  However!  Modern man here-or ANYONE for that matter!  Let’s not get too detailed, here!  AND I don’t want to get too serious or I’ll drive myself nuts as I have before.

Soooo, I’ve lost a few pounds and I do sit ups whenever I am sitting in one place and on an empty stomach.  Simple, simple, here!  My 60 day challenge has ended and I haven’t been at Breathe Los Gatos much, but I have been taking pole dancing classes!  If you want your butt kicked-HIGHLY recommended 😉  If you can’t get in shape pole dancing consistently…won’t finish that sentence.  Try it first, and tell me it doesn’t work!  You won’t 😀

Yes, another professional photo-yet untouched-besides my  very amateur editing skills on my face as it was looking a little scary.

AS for EATS!

I LIVE on kitchari!!

Kitchari Recipe (for cleansing)


Mung Beans (soaked for at least 1 hour)
White Basmati Rice
Coriander Seeds
Cumin Seeds
Fennel Seeds
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Turmeric Root
Veggies (squash, carrots, leafy greens, seaweed)*
Fresh Cilantro

1. Crush spices in mortar and pestle
2. Heat a spoonful of ghee in your pot and add spices. Cook until they start to become golden. Don’t burn!
3. Add 4-8 cups of water (depends on how much you want to make)
4. Add equal parts mung beans and rice
5. Add any root vegetables
6. Cook partially covered, stirring occasionally
7. Grate and add fresh ginger and turmeric root
8. Continue cooking until beans and rice are very soft, adding water as necessary as it cooks
9. Add a little salt or Braggs
10. Add any leafy greens, kale, or seaweed towards the end of cooking
11. Serve topped with fresh cilantro. You can add raw sesame or hemp seeds, if you want.

* No onion, garlic, chili, or tomatoes for cleansing. You can add these when you’re not cleansing.

I can surely post another-but here’s one from the other day that I uploaded to Facebook! IN our organic CSA delivery, we had this gorgeous violet cauliflower and I had to throw it in-wasn’t cleansing, and hence, added some aesthetic charm!

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5 Responses to Follow UP!

  1. OFitCarla says:

    You look awesome! Would love to have your abs. I’d also love to try pole dancing but it’s just not in my budget. The women who do that are strong, fit and have awesome bodies.

  2. I would love to see a pic of that recipe. Great job Lana! and thank you for sharing. I am working on a fitness goal myself at the moment. But I am scared to take any pics. I will go crazy if I do that 🙂

  3. Christa says:

    You look amazing! I’d would love to see a picture of the recipe as well 😉

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