I live in a spiritual community…


WOW…sooooo.  I live in the Ananda Community.  If you want to know what it is, check out the link.  What is prompting me to write this post: we’ve just attended a “parents meeting”…parents of the children who live in the Ananda community.  It’s incredible.   I actually don’t have words to describe.

Did you know that there are still places in this country where children play outside in nature and swing from trees?  Run in grassy fields and jump into piles of leaves?  There are places where parents agree to accept their neighbor’s children as their own?  Come together…and establish a common ground for their children to plant their feet upon and grow tall and strong?  Fertile soil to grow… to feed the seeds of wisdom planted and stretch deep roots into the earth-wellll you’ve got the picture, yes?

I am so grateful and so blessed to witness, to have the experience of-an environment that fully supports the process of unfolding.  Video games, violence, slander, gossip, aggression are discourages here at Ananda-these children are having the experience of living in a way that enables them to become leaders.  To cultivate and develop a inner nature-an inner landscape of spirituality.  

…just a couple people that are part of the Ananda community

We are here together, we are connected.  Every action we take creates a ripple…and effects literally everything-even if it’s in the most minute way.  It seems that at Ananda and Living Wisdom School…this concept of connection is being deeply ingrained~

Something to be grateful for, yes?  There are people in this world that care for you, that love you, because they are you.  Do you have a child that you can teach this concept to?  Grateful I am, that I do 🙂

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One Response to I live in a spiritual community…

  1. christopher jacobs says:


    I would like to discover any information you may have on the mer ka ba meditation. I am not looking for the meditation listed on Drunvalo Melchizedeks books, “The Ancient Secret of The Flower Of Life” but the secret meditation the few people have, which can be used to manifest and alter reality. I am also looking for any information you may have on manifestation techniques, preferably those not requiring specific times and dates as in the wiccan tradition. ANy information that you have would be greatly appreciated, Please contact me,

    thank you,

    Christopher Jacobs

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