Cheesy Cheesy title I’ve got here. I know.  It’s just a quick post, and exactly how I’m feeling right now.  Tonight I started at 6pm with a “yin” Yoga practice (with Misako Matsuoka~great teacher!), a very slow practice-holding passive postures 3-7 minutes and working on the connective tissues and joints-flexibility as opposed to strength.  Very meditative, inward practice.  Then, I followed that with a Baptist style vinyasa practice.  Yin and Yang tonight without a doubt!

I feel so great!  Not just physically, but mentally.  I have certainly left great classes feeling amazing in my body but not my mind.  Tonight was 100% wonderful.

The second class required some serious positive self talk!  My internal dialogue was LOUD!  I am not a huge fan of hot Yoga.  I believe the fire should come from within as opposed to an experience that essentially “fakes” you out.  Thinking you’re working hard and sweating but it’s really that you’re sitting under a heater.  I didn’t get that vibe in this class.  It wasn’t too hot actually.  In all honesty, the heat was off and the door was opened for the second half of the class.  However, I still felt the tapas and I was sweating.  I was sweating enough that I had to lure my mind back into the room.  I was ready to run.  I translated this into life.

When things get heated…do you run away?  Do you distract yourself?  Do you judge?  I do it all.  I am not a master of my mind.  YET! I am mastering my mind.  Each day…just a bit stronger, faster…I used my mat today.  When I was ready to run…my thoughts-I grabbed a hold of them and let them scream!  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!  YOU ARE NOT THIS BODY! YOU ARE NOT THIS MIND!  THERE IS NO REASON TO RUN!  TRANSCEND the body…see from above, see from outside, be the breath…follow the inhale, ride the exhale.  Feeling good had little to do with the burning sensation in my biceps and more to do with the ability to focus on the perfection of all that was in the moment.  MMMMmmm bliss~~~~

Thank you, Nikki Wong for an incredibly fun, playful practice at http://breathelosgatos.com/ , my new favorite studio!

Oh!  I totally reccomend this class, by the way, as Nikki is an awesome teacher-very present and supportive!  She’s encouraging and will keep you pushing for a breakthrough without you even noticing-you’ll find yourself on the other side 😉

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3 Responses to I LOVE YOGA!

  1. beautiful post! beautiful you! thanks for the shout out and not running out the door that was wide open for you to dart out of 🙂 See you again. xo

  2. Barry says:

    I, conversely, bailed out of a practice yesterday evening when the kitchen got too hot. I later calculated that leaving was more a cranky reaction to being overly tired in the first place. So kudos to you for sticking to your guns!

  3. Hi Lana, I stumbled upon this January post now it is September – so I am Yin style slow at finding these things out. Thanks for the lovely comments!

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