the Y direction …continued


Let’s get back to business!  I’ll tell you my story now 🙂 The first night after Date with Destiny, I spent with my husband, (of course 🙂 at a very good friend’s place in Orange County.  Mina Shah is a Peak Performance Strategist with the Anthony Robbins Company. Her partner, Aladdin Kazran is also a rockstar-entrepreneur and Mina’s brother and his girlfriend, I can’t say enough about either.  Needless to say, a group of incredible people who are living examples of people who are really living their passion.

It was a blessing to be in the presence of these individuals-as couples-and just as motivation to “walk the walk!”

I was in a place of delusional fatigue after the Date With Destiny, six-day intensive seminar…Over 10+ hours per day!  I passed out with out a struggle, not a moment of toss or turn!  Just before doing so, Mina, Joe and I chatted for a bit about a particular experience at DWD.   I feel that there’s a possibility that a few memories resurfaced for me at that moment…

I woke up in the middle of the night tossing and turning and feeling extreme nausea. I haven’t hugged a toilet in years…excuse me for being explicit…but I am not a big fan of this-I’ll do anything to avoid it.  Sick as a dog or what have you-I just won’t.  I can’t.  I tried to lull myself back to sleep.  Wasn’t happening.  I woke up with intense, vivid memories of dreams…nightmares of my past that didn’t seem too distant.  I haven’t tapped into my childhood on such a level-maybe-ever?

I finally sat up and dashed to the bathroom.  Bad story.  I won’t get into details.  I haven’t felt so “sick” in years.  Since I had contracted Hep A in India (don’t worry it’s just a bad flu…It’s long gone now).

Such a peculiar sickness.  I have had waves of this nauseous feeling since that night.  Could it have been a virus?  The amount of sugar I consumed that day after not having even an ounce during the program?  The blue-green algae supplement I’d been taking consistently for three weeks setting in?  …The memories from the past?  The new neural pathways that had been carved during the program?


Whatever it was, it’s still lingering.  I’m feeling strangely…different. Well. But uneasy, uncertain, in a refreshing way.  Meditative Yoga practice has been more rewarding than ever before.

Joe, my husband spoke with a friend-just after the program who happens to work closely with Tony Robbins.  The “Destiny Bug,” I believe he deemed my illness.

My body and mind were headed in one direction and I lassoed it on over to the other side.   Here’s the Y direction…heading for the merge now…

just a glimpse of my destiny poster 🙂


boarding the flight to Palm Springs, CA

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  1. mom says:

    You two are the best>>>so amazing and Iove you!!

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