the Y direction

Hello lovelies!!

I’ve been in an absolute whirlwind for the past month or so…my beloved Guru, Amma-ji was in San Ramon at the MA Center, I attended “Date With Destiny” with Anthony Robbins, and my husband’s mother came to visit from the East Coast!   Life has been so filled and so fulfilling!

Appropriately titled: the Y direction is where I feel that I am in this very moment.  My mind and body were set to move in a particular direction due to my blueprint, patterns, conditioning, my “story”…NOW!! I am moving in a NEW direction.  A direction I have defined, a direction that I have chosen, created, manifested and I am consciously cultivating.

My gratitude to Tony Robbins and his the incredible tools he has provided.  I’ll explain further…next post!

Stay tuned, it’s only going to get juicer from here, ladies and gents!

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