Whew! ♫ Life will never be the same ♪ …can you hear it?

YES!  …forget hello…SAY


Joe and I crewed Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbin’s 4 day event of INSPIRATION, connection, altruism, motivation, determination…everything you need to succeed.

Guess who was sitting front row…for the FIRST TIME EVER?!



This incredibly influential, inspirational woman-which I must add, I knew nothing of before Tony told her story at UPW Chicago July 2011-read it here: Oprah Bio

SHE is absolutely incredible.  My position at the moment when I spotted her was “mic runner.”  This allowed me to be only feet away-separated by the barricade of cameras and body guards.  Although I did not speak with her directly-I could feel her energy!  If you know anything about the subtle and unseen-we each have an auric field…Oprah was totally approachable!  My amazing friend Mina-one of Tony’s 6 Peak Performance Strategists-and I chatted after the first day of the event…the only day Oprah was present!  We concluded that is was a fact-Oprah is completely down to each and approachable.

She intended to participate for only 2 hours at this event.  She stayed 11 HOURS!!!  Can you believe it?!

watch these first few minutes:

I watched OPRAH walk on fire for the first time!  It was incredible to watch her hesitate and back off-THEN, on her own-reignite her inner fire and determination-GET in STATE and face the 10 feet of 1200 degree coals.  Tony coached her (played the role of “lead in”) to get to level 1000 before she took the first step and I felt myself in her shoes as I watched in anticipation.

Mind you, not all 4200 participants at the event witnessed this moment.  I  had the privilege of creating a “human barricade” with a few other crew members between Tony’s lane and the other 20-some lanes.  I call it a privilege because Tony is a master coach.  To watch him in action from only a few feet away is empowering to say the least.

The moment when Oprah stepped back and felt that surge of hesitation-then turned back to face the fire-was the moment that I want to focus on right now.  That moment IS exactly what I intend to cultivate when attending an event like UPW (really there’s nothing ELSE “like” it 😉  That MOMENT WHEN I can side with my FEAR.  WHEN I can WALK with my FEAR and not let it take a hold of me and pull me and hold me back.  When I have the ability to turn around, ON MY OWN when the heat is rising-when the HEAT is high…THAT IS VICTORY.  THAT is the victorious moment!  To not let fear stand in my way.

What is absolutely compelling here is that-OPRAH herself is an OUTSTANDING individual who has learned to let fear walk beside her, not stand in front of her.  Yes, she’s still human and every situation is unique.  However, when faced with a 10′,  1200 degree path of coals to march upon-she confronted her fear-acknowledged it, and told it to stand aside.

THE metaphor is bold, its LOUD-its in your face.  Take charge of your life.




photo courtesy of Frost Productions

a few of the amazing crew members 🙂



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2 Responses to Whew! ♫ Life will never be the same ♪ …can you hear it?

  1. Mina says:

    Fantastic Lana! You and Joe add SO MUCH to the experience with your presence. Love you!

  2. Isis says:

    Such a magical time, and marvelous people. So good to meet you and Joe! Wonderful recollection of the event, Lana. I look forward to seeing you both again, SOON!

    Hakuna Matata,

    Isis LaBelle

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