LYFE…has begun.

Greetings!!  How have you been?  I know, it’s been a while.  I moved to the other side of the country and into a space half the size with an extra body with only a car load of belongings…just taking a moment to adjust here…

TODAY!  Yes, today was a grand day.  Joe and I went to YogaSource in Palo Alto to practice with 25…30?  I don’t even know-but a very very full room of dedicated Yogis.  Dedicated to Jivamukti that is.  Or Giselle Mari?  I would have to say they’re coming for Giselle :0   She is by far the most personable, grounded and skilled instructor I have been led in a Jivamukti practice by in the past three years.  Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty much in LOVE with every Jiva teacher but Giselle has a way of making people feel like they’re one of her best friends in a matter of moments.  She is such an incredible lady.  If you’re in the SF BAY…find her!

So…amazing practice with soooo much food for though-and only a few words spoken.  How does she do that?!  Then!!  We walked out to witness-just on the opposite side of the street-“THE Official Ribbon Cutting” at the Lyfe Kitchen’s first location.  I was lured by the crowd spilling out into the street and the bright orange colored balloons (stimulating the appetite) and the voice speaking of local veggies blaring through the speakers…What a lovely thing to hear on a sunny California day!

The night prior (Monday, October 17) Joe left his Yoga class early-feeling overwhelmed by the heat blasted into the room :O and headed across the street to the bright inviting Lyfe Kitchen.  He was introduced to the executive Chef (0ne of two amazing Chef’s leading the way)-Art Smith, Former personal chef for Oprah Winfrey herself and the Former CEO of McDonald’s Mike Roberts.

“The restaurant concept is the apparent antithesis of McDonald’s, where Roberts was president and chief operations officer and considered a likely candidate for the top job before leaving in late 2006.”-LA Times

WHAT a concept.

What I must mention:  I can’t say enough about Art.  Joe met him only last night and had a brief conversation.  We approached him today, just to say hello and he went out of his way to connect with us in the most kind and genuine manner!  He immediately told Joe, “I was looking for you! I have two bikes I’d like to leave here in Palo Alto!” He’d just bought a bike for himself and also his personal health coach-AZ Ferguson and wanted to lend them to us for safe keeping while he’s not in Palo Alto.  He was eager and adamant for us to meet AZ, as he stated with certainty, “he’s a yogi too!  I want you to meet him!”  He spiraled around the chaotic scene of Lyfe Kitchen-swarming with investors in suits, Yogis that roamed in from across the street, young children running around with happy local organic food in their mouths…!!!  JUST to find AZ and introduce us.  Despite hands reaching out and grabbing him from every direction each step he took for photos and autographs…he maintained an incredibly personable and genuine aura and didn’t forget his mission to connect us!

Just imagine…all of that LOVE and good energy in YOUR FOOD!  Yum!

Some people…their energy is bold.  They’re wearing their “heart on their sleeve,” so to speak.  I can only speak for myself-but you know, when you know that you know-you’ve met someone with authenticity.  This man is sincere and authentic.  Speaking with AZ is a whole other story-I’m so inspired!  It was a blessing to have met these influential individuals today at the Lyfe Kitchen-a great reminder that we all have a purpose.

Promoting sustainable, organic, local nourishment is an honorable mission without a doubt.

LYFE Kitchen is […] a socially responsible brand that will awaken the customer’s “Sixth Sense”—the intrinsic desire to do right and make powerful purchasing decisions that inspire good in the world. This notion will be reflected in the brand’s philosophy toward product sourcing, build-out and philanthropy.”


YOU must go to this lovely place if you’re in the SF Bay!  Support the cause!  I highly  recommend the roasted beets & farro salad…Pomegranate kernals and yummy little cubed beets!  Crispy Gardein* chicken sandwich…incredible.  The healthy version of McChicken…yup!  No, really this vegetarian sandwich is absolutely delectable.  If you’re veg-this one is sure to please!

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