livin it up JivaStyle!

Namaste lovelies!!!

Today is the Birthday of my love, Joseph Gabriel Mattia III…and we’ve had a greeeeat day!  Woke up late, first inclination when woke by the sound of alarm…DISMISS!  Thus, late start-but always on time.  Sent Joey off for carpool with the lovely, miss Heather Lussier, and had our morning apple: ayurvedically (ayurvedic +‎ -ally) correct, of course.  Headed out to drop off Joey’s lunch to The Living Wisdom School, then to the infamous Yoga Source to practice with the one and only Giselle Mari, my new Jiva crush…shhh!  😉  Giselle’s class was fabulous.  Her energy is uplifting, inspiring-and had me feeling blissful by the end of the practice.  The sound of her beautiful voice started of the class in a flow of divine rhythm.  Can’t describe in words.  Check out her site, and find a class near you.  Her practice is an absolute MUST!  I am so thrilled to be practicing with her again this Saturday!  I mentioned Joe’s birthday to her via FB message and she certainly delivered ~!  She wished him a life of enlightenment and had the class sing the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra!  What a divine soul! Before we departed, she mentioned to Joe that they “had a date.”  How perfect.  The look oh his face was hilarious as he turned his head like a confused chihuahua. HAHA!  “AN ICP!”  I scheduled and ICP with Giselle…google Jivamukti ICP.  It’s AN amazing experience!!  Great surprise 🙂  Thank you Giselle!!

We stopped at Whole Foods Market, grabbed some yummy organic cookies and cake for birthday dinner!  We came home to eat lunch (delicious left overs from the Culinary Dinner held by the Mycological Society of San Francisco last night) mmmm!  Then relaxed a bit before an scrumptious Thai Massage on my new organic cotton Thai Massage mat!!!  Time for community dinner @Ananda now…kitchari YUMMMMM!

(in this photo: the lovely D’Arcy Marie De Lyle, and her adorable son Eli…the rest of the room was filled with the others of the Ananda community that dined together on Joe’s 28th!)


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One Response to livin it up JivaStyle!

  1. Rodney says:

    Happy 28th Joe. Best of wishes to you and Lana. Much as I hate to admit it sounds like your new environment has one-upped NJ. Enjoy.

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