a day in the life…

HIII!  Today.  Today I woke up next to my best friend and we braved the day together.  We took his son to school-after making him lunch (always the biggest challenge of the day).  We arrived back home just 6 minutes later-everything is so close!  I ate my delicious organic locally grown “banana apple” from the local farmer’s market-ayurvedic preparation of course 🙂 and Joe went to practice Kriya in the radiant meditation room here on the premises.  I practiced Abhyanga and went through a slow, rejuvenating morning practice followed by a long shower.  We headed out to check out one of the billion listings of great furniture on craigslist (why buy it new and add to the waste)?   Potential new friend but no success with the “asian style dining table.”  I guess we’ll stick with the new Kotatsu 🙂  I feel little need to continue.

This is only a gratitude rant.  Life is good.  I am content.  Thank you.  Thank you for this day.



Happy in my quaint new home.

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