can it get any more event fillllled?!!

new jersey to miami for pre-spiritual union (marriage) honeymoon. attended conscious parties, gatherings, bhakti house meeting incredible conscious thinkers. back home to receive letter from living wisdom school in Palo Alto, CA…it’s time to pack! build a team (TEAM 108 whoot wooo) of amazing yogis to better the world, one electric meter at a time…off to Chicago, IL by July to attend Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event with 4000 people walking on fire and jumping up and down screaming YES! ready to take the world by storm.  married by “the hugging saint” MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI MA DEVI-we are WED in June of 2011. back home (NJ) and team building with 108…car breaks down with 6 yogis stranded and chanting mantras aside the highway in Pennsylvania…hop on megabus to NYC to rendez-vous with over 20 at the Jivamukti cafe (fav spot in the city-I miss you!) .  back home and on the grind RENT is due!  HURRICANE IRENE spins in for a short delay…drive to from NEW JERSEY to CALIFORNIA 2900 miles in 5 days. lexus gives up in NEVADA…towed to SF BAY by angel in disguise. couchsurf with co-founder of COUCHSURFING and attend the couchsurfing party in SF to FREAKING ROCK OUR FIRST WEEK IN THE BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to can it get any more event fillllled?!!

  1. My Dear Lana and Joe!!! So ultimately impressive! Your endevours are sensational life experiences that we would all like to do. Most of us don’t make time and have the abounding energy that you both have. You both have such wonderful sweet and loving energy! I am so proud of you guys!!

  2. Jeff says:

    You guys …..just living this dull, redundant life. Why don’t you take a bite out of life and do something new , exciting and different……………..Oh Yeah……you are the definition of new, exciting and different right now. Just think of God through it all………Blessings,,Jeff

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