Tony Robbins…Peak Performance Strategists!

Back to back posting!  Yes! I must! I missed something completely relevant in yesterday’s post!  I missed MINA SHAH!

Mina is one of Anthony Robbins six Peak Performance Strategists.  She settles into a city prior to Tony’s arrival to…in a nutshell-spread the good word!  Yet, this isn’t all she does, she embodies Tony’s teachings, and of course has her own unique individual flare and is-in essence, a coach herself!

Long story short, I met Mina’s amazing boyfriend, Aladdin on a flight from Chicago…he happened to be returning from FIJI and in our presence via connecting flight.  Joe and I sat behind him and the energetic forces pulled us in quite rapidly.  We stayed in close touch with Aladdin, and within less than two months later, met Mina…this absolutely amazing girl who I instantly fell in love with.  She’s just one of those people.  Bright, energetic, genuine smile and authentic personality.  I could certainly go on-but I won’t! I want to get into deeper details.  I can mention that-instantly, I felt we’d been connected for lifetimes.

Where I’m going with this:  I had a moment at UPW (Unleash the Power Within-check out previous post)…when I was in udder confusion.  We went through a process-that I don’t want to take the liberty of spoiling for anyone, and thus will not describe in detail.  The process left the majority of people feeling free.  Open! Clear!  …or on their way.  I, on the other hand, felt stuck!  Why didn’t I come out on the other side?!  The point I’m making here is that I wanted to feel good, and for some reason dug myself into a deep hole of feeling “bad.”

I rushed out of the massive room of 4000 people to find someone, anyone!  I wanted answers, and if I wasn’t finding them within myself, I figured SOMEONE could offer some inspiration to move forward.

MINA!  Her tiny adorable self stands out in a crowd! The show began and I was out!  I raced to Mina and told her every detail.  I can’t even describe how much better I felt, within an instant.  Now, I can tell you, I have great, amazing friends to call when I need to reach out-not to mention my husband-who is my biggest fan.  Nothing, noONE was going to “cut it” this time.  I was stuck.

Mind you, Mina is quiteee familiar with this process that I had just fumbled through…JUST what I needed.  In moments I felt the immense weight releasing.  I won’t bring you through the process, but I can tell you that whether she REALLY knew what to say or not (what I needed to hear), her confidence was so incredibly authentic-I couldn’t have felt any opposition to her prompting.   This, my friends is all.  I am publicly thanking this amazing girl who I completely adore for her upstanding, outstanding presence in the world!

Mina proceeded to spent another hour, if not longer (time was completely irrelevant)-with me, tucked away in a corner, (the most hidden space we could find in the massive hotel/convention center) and was completely present with me.  After the four days of insanity, I was completely awed by her presence.  I, myself was half asleep.  14 Hours or so of sleep in 4 days…nope, not quite enough for me.  I walked though doors, both mentally and physically-in these profound moments of introspection, led by none other 🙂  The truth about life is that YOU make it what it is.  I’ve “known” this, but NOW I am ready to start LIVING it…walking the walk 😉

Point made.

Infinite gratitude MINA!

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One Response to Tony Robbins…Peak Performance Strategists!

  1. Jeff says:

    Kinda like LSD………Intense experience followed by floating confusion followed by reconstruction.

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