lineage of Chogyam Trungpa…

Namaste lovely people!  Just a quick update…

Yesterday I meditated.

No, seriously though.  I meditated.  Not sat and did japa for 10 minutes with racing thoughts, like I usually find myself doing…not sitting in silence for twenty minutes after a glass of red wine…I really meditated!  The meditation was led by Jake La Botz, who just happens to be an incredible meditation guide.

“Jake La Botz has been practicing and studying meditation for over eleven years, eight of those within the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Chogyam Trungpa as taught by Dr. Reginald A. Ray.”-FB event page

Appearances, pre-conceived notions and all judgments are to be thrown out the door.  They’re such a waste.  I saw Jake’s Facebook profile the day before the meditation and was questioning whether I had linked to the right person.  He happens to be a rock star (no pun intended) as well.  Joking, actually.

“”Blues man Jake La Botz came up the right-proper, fucking hard way: a teen renegade on the streets of Chicago, dabbling in a mixture of antisocial activities (from car theft to jabbing up his own rudimentary tattoos) and exploring the rich, deep blues tradition as a street singer (with Chi-town legend Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis) and beside Delta-blues originator “Honeyboy” Edwards. That lovely, lurid background forged a musical power that, as heard on his current CD, Graveyard Jones, demonstrates not only an innate mastery of the blues, but also displays what he calls a “condensed rock & roll mythology.” – L.A. Weekly” –

So honestly, this guy is truly well rounded and I was pleasantly surprised by his zen demeanor.  I dropped in before the handshake-as I wanted to be in tune energetically-as opposed to sensing solely through the impermanent physical body…his handshake felt confident yet incredibly sincere, he exuded a sense of peace that I will not attempt to define.  The small group that gathered in Jake’s humble abode in Logan Square, ChicagoLand seemed to be carefully chosen by the perfection of the universal laws of attraction.  I felt completely comfortable, supported and at ease by the space Jake held while leading the meditation.  Furthermore, everyone else attended were unquestionably also supporting the uplifting vibrations that blanketed our small space-whether they were aware or not.

I can’t believe I didn’t check the time or even ask…I know we began at 12pm on Sunday.  I do not know when we completed.  I wasn’t feeling “time” in these moments of meditation.  I knew we had sat (any lay) in meditation for at least one hour.  Only definite fact I can portray is the profound effect.  Still, in this moment, 24hours later, that brief moment of mediation has shifted my perception in a very desirable way.

The synergy of the group and of course the guide deserve gratitude from this direction as I am certainly in appreciation of the experience 🙂

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