From East to Midwest…

Namaste Divine One!  Yes you!  Do you know how divine you are?  Do you know that you’re infinite, eternal and whole just as you are?  Yes, it’s true, YOU are a channel to source.

Let’s look at this on a very tangible level.  My love and I drove 13 hours straight yesterday.  Of course, anyone can do this. Not quite superhuman.  It certainly was empowering, however.  Joe drove 9.5 hours straight, being the determined man he is-and then handed over the keys in Indiana.

We’ve done this drive 5+ times now, and I have to say, this-BY FAR was the best experience.  I would like to attribute 40% to getting up at 5am and getting out the door, and 50% to Tony Robbins.  Yup.  You know him.  Tony Robbins.  Joe burned 4 discs before we headed out-one of Tony’s programs and we started to feel the 65-85MPH beginning to wear on us…I attempted an inversion in the back seat and some pranayam-with only a minor shift…WE WERE still moving fast no matter how slow and calm I felt internally.  Tony saved the day.  We pressed play and the rest was history.  I was completely engaged.  I played disc one three times and was completely engaged-mentally of course, bottom planted in the driver’s seat-hands on the wheel.

Thus, I’m in complete anticipation today.  In less than 3 weeks, we’ll be at Unleash the Power Within…I’m certain you’ll be reading about it…in detail.  Right here.  Stay tuned!

Oh! Don’t forget to Check back in the next two following days…I’m getting married by the Divine Mother herself! Mata Amritanandamayi Ma Devi.

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