This post is certainly a follow-up to the last.  I posted a photo of “Flying Thai Yoga with Michael Sivanataraj.”  I happened to find-following the day of that post, a thread of comments on a photo that Michael had posted on his Facebook profile.  Quite a few people that left comments were attendees of the glorious Magic Garden Party…What a perfect way to depict the positive vibrations that flow through this conscious group of divine beings!  I am elated to share with you here, this reminder; the essence of LOVE:



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One Response to LOVE

  1. Again, great blog! Yes, they say “like attracts like” well, Love attracts Love too.
    What can I do, one man, to bring a positive influence to the world.
    All I can do is be LOVE myself. Take responsibility and tend one little sacred acre of love within me.
    That little bit of consciousness might be experienced by a couple others around me, and if it influences them,(not through words, but by feeling) to consciously tend their own little sacred garden of love, then we could possibly have a little sacred community of love – like the magic garden party.
    It is all of us. Anyone who resonates with that posted picture displaying love within. We are LOVE, and what a blessing it is to be able to share the fruits of our gardens.

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