Just a simple post…

Greetings gorgeous divine being!  How are you today?  Really.  HOW ARE YOU?!  You answered, “GREAT!” Right?  There’s no other way to feel!  Yes, we all have our “bad” days.  BUT!  You have the choice to smile right now.  What makes you laugh?  Seek it out and let it go until your abs hurt.  I’m part of this amazing green energy business that’s all about making connections and creating and building relationships.  I love this biz… “relationship marketing.”  The point actually has little to do with the business.  However, when I had my wonderful laughing moment yesterday, it was while a friend was giving a presentation of the business.  I literally laughed so hard my face was sore and was covered in tears, I even had to excuse myself because I couldn’t catch my breath.  If this doesn’t happen to you once a day…it’s time to seek out some humor.  Real humor.  Almost wet your pants-humor.  Why not?  Why not laugh until you cry?  What else is there to do in life?  Enjoy every moment.

I can’t help myself.

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One Response to Just a simple post…

  1. Jeff says:

    Yep Yep Yep . The way to affirm happiness is to say that you are happy. In doing so, the universe gets the point that you are willing to be happy and the conditions of your life will be no obstacle to happiness. All in all, you just keep getting a little more happy if you decide to be happy. That’s simple enough. Don’t worry. Just do your best….and do your best to be happy. “It’s all good” is a good comment. It affirms the upside of everything. Good stuff,,,,Jeff

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