Isn’t it amazing to transcend the limitations of the body?  Isn’t it exhilarating to know that weren’t not bound by the limitations of this physical body?!  Okay, so, I’m not ALL the way there yet.  BUT!  I’m finding a new edge to move beyond each day…that’s what my practice is for!  I practice Yoga and a Yogic lifestyle, solely to transcend limitations of the physical body and thus prepare the mind for the same!

Inspiration for this post:  Simon Park and Nancy Kate Williams…I’ve just taken an amazing workshop!  The workshop was with the two previously listed-INCREDIBLE instructors.  The 2.5hour Inversion workshop was fun, playful and well directed and focused.  This was my first introduction to both of these teachers and it was an absolute pleasure.

I am pleased to announce…

 I can finally sustain a handstand!

Yes, I know.  It’s not the BEST photo.  Promise to post more later.

Onward!  The lightbulb flickered when Nancy Kate assisted me and (this is not verbatim) told me to engage the rectus abdominus…and the abductors.  Once again, this was not the exact words-it’s what I took home.  “Hugging into the midline.”  I’ve been missing this engagement all along!

‘Nuff said ladies and gents…I’m lovin my new found inversion practice.  Simon and Nancy Kates phenomenal instruction and precise assists have taken me to a deeper place within 😉

Oh how I love being inverted 🙂

Check out Nancy Kate and Simon’s page-navigate with the links above!  They are great teachers!  Thanks guys…and Thank you Arianne Green…owner of the Zen Den for hosting the workshop 😉

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One Response to Transcend

  1. uncle Jeff says:

    Grandpa Bob and I used to do a 5 minute headstand after Karate practice. Boy, that is pressurizing at first ….and liberating later. We gots to get some blood and nutrients into the brain and give that circulation an upside down challenge and keep the lymph moving, so let’s do it inverted,, Peace,,,Jeff

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