Prayers to Japan

If you are compelled, at this moment, as you read, to offer your own vibration of love to Japan and all living beings who are suffering…please take in these following words before closing your eyes and becoming still-to bring your momentary focus to let the healing vibrations flow through and to…

If it’s available, bring a map of Japan to your visual focus, just for a brief moment, and let that image be present as you continue..

AUM LOKĀḤ SAMASTAḤ SUKHINO BHAVANTŪ: May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.  Aum shantih shantih shantih, peace peace peace…

I’ll share with you a story I was told, by a local musician joining the ensemble-for a Saturday evening, at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the midst of a performance by Shantala

As these words are not verbatim, they will not be quoted.  An incredible musician, male, I cannot recall his name, spent a few minutes, mid-performance to tell a story about his mother who is no longer in physical form.  He loved his mother deeply and spoke of her with kind words of adornment and described her as an angel.  The woman was altruistic and deeply compassionate.  When she was traveling in her vehicle and found herself in traffic due to an accident or collision ahead, she would pause and pray.  The musician, this woman’s son, was the sole passenger in her vehicle one day when she brought herself into one of these brief moments of prayer to any souls ahead who had been suffering through the accident.

Some time later, this woman had a visitor to her home.  The woman answered a knock at her door to find a female stranger.  The stranger explained that she had pursued this destination via recollection of the mother’s licence plate number.  The licence plate of the mother’s vehicle was observable in a moment when the stranger was in a state of clairvoyance, after a serious and fatal collision.  A beam of light was observable by the stranger in this state of clairvoyance and she could see the scene from a standpoint above and mentally recorded the mother’s licence plate number.  The stranger told the story with a glowing smile and tears in her eyes as she thanked the woman who sent her a prayer in a time of suffering.  The prayer resonated so deeply on a vibrational level, the stranger felt and witnessed the light of the prayer and survived the fatal collision.

Questions? leave me a comment below 🙂

This story may read a bit different than it was initially told.  The general concept is there.  A woman sent out a prayer that was received.  The story brought tears to my eyes as the grown man, the incredible musician with a soft, endearing voice of truth-conveyed his love for his mother whom he adored in her time on this earth.

This is relevant to what’s happened in Japan because it lets us know that our love and support is felt on a level in which may not be visible.  Our prayers are real.  Our thoughts create.  Each vibration is manifested into tangible form.  We are all connected.  Every thought, every word, every action is felt by every living being on this planet and beyond. We each have the ability to heal, to create…to send our prayers to Japan.  If you are not in the position to jump on an airplane and fly over to Asia to use your hands, then use your prayers…they are felt. They heal.

The souls of Japan, the plants, animals, humans, all creatures living and those that are no longer with us, know that you are being held.  You are held by the love being sent to you in this moment.  You are held in our thoughts and prayers.  May you find peace and happiness in this moment and a new beginning.  May you be held by the strength of divine love.

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