…one step closer to enlightenment

Namaste gorgeous! yes YOU! I am currently in the third week of a month-long Yoga Teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health-as staff! I did mention this in my previous post…new news to share! I have incurred my first Yoga related injury. I pulled my “Adductor Longus.” I am getting a bit technical here…not certain that I am accurate in this diagnosis, I’ll just say I am becoming more in tune on a (personal) anatomical level and this is intuition and awareness guiding.

In this new awareness, I’ve taught my first practice with an injury…to 64 students in the middle of their 200hour Yoga Teacher Training.  Teaching others to teach!  What an experience! If you’re a teacher reading this, you know about teaching “from the body.” If you’ve not experienced teaching physical activity, the point I want to convey here is that teaching Hatha Yoga is a practice of being in your own body. When I teach, I feel each part of my body and convey that to my students accordingly-to lead the practice. In the instance of teaching with an injury-the process occurs on a deeper level, a more subtle level…the practice is occurring within the confines of the mind, yet that practice is felt on the physical plane-I’ll speak for myself here. I had to feel my practice in my body through my mind. What a challenge.

I titled this post “…one step closer to enlightenment,” which is a quote from Coby Kozlowski, a member of my Kripalu family who, in her 20’s made it through a tough time with multiple severe injuries (click the link to check out Coby’s amazing work). When I conveyed to her what had happened, she boldly stated-with sincerity and honesty…”you’re one step closer to enlightenment!” …and in all honesty and with complete humility, I am finding her words to be true with each passing day. Each moment is a chance to cultivate deeper compassion and mindfulness in every cell of my being.

…mindful movement…feet on the earth…heart soaring through the sky

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One Response to …one step closer to enlightenment

  1. uncle Jeff says:

    Calcium for healing, magnesium for pain, MSM for feeding sulfur to the injured part, flax oil for anti-inflammatory and joint lubrication, self massage for pushing toxic fluids out and healing fluids in. Tell all that these are things people have used very successfully for over use injuries and acute injuries………….

    “The Whole Purpose of Illness is to Find the Answer”.

    Slow and steady progress in all.

    A saint is a sinner who never gave up. God is the saint, the sinner and the persistence

    Get up one more time than you fall down

    Many blessings to those who teach. Changing the world through right action..

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