In this universe it is love that binds everything together. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment of life.
Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Namaste divine being of LOVE!

If you are focused, this day, that this date has been deemed Saint Valentine’s Day…then embrace it!

I, myself, have not wished anyone a “Happy Valentine’s Day.”  I do not understand the holiday enough to celebrate it.  I AM researching, however-as I would like some clarity. When I was younger, the idea of gifts and sweets brought joy to this day.  I am a bit older now (yet still a child at heart), and my curious conscious tells me that celebration is beautiful, and has meaning-I can truly celebrate where passion permits.  Understandable, yes?  Summer solstice? CELEBRATION!  Valentine’s day?  I’ll put my spin on it…

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Let’s celebrate the underlying truth that is sought.  Let’s celebrate LOVE!

Sun Moon and Stars


To ignite passion and give meaning to this day, I bow to my beloved Guru, Ammachi.

“Amma’s life serves as an inspiring example to millions of people who have come under her care and guidance. Amma shows us through the example of her life, what it means to be a true seeker and an earnest devotee of God, and out of her love and compassion, she serves humanity as Mother and Teacher. Amma has said “My sole mission is to love and serve one and all.  Amma’s only wish is that her hands should always be on someone’s shoulder, consoling and caressing them and wiping their tears, even while breathing her last.”

Amma has never sought to convert anyone. Whenver Amma is asked about her religion, she replies that her religion is love.”


Let your LOVE be big!  Offer UNIVERSAL LOVE today!

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One Response to YOU ARE LOVE

  1. uncle Jeff says:

    Love is the opening door.
    Love is what we came here for.
    No one could offer you more.
    Do you know what I mean?
    Have your eyes really seen?
    (Is it Crosby, Stills and Nash)?

    So ,,,using the energy of Love that exists will expand and enliven any relationship you have with anything or anyone. This energy is inexhaustible. There is a never ending supply of Love. Try giving all you’ve got and you will have more right away. People don’t even have to give back. …………..Since you have an infinite amount of Love you can just keep on giving. Stay around people that uplift you and then work outwards to give Love to an ever expanding number of concepts, things and people.

    “I Love you, man” is actually a pretty cool thing. Peace,,Jeff

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