Yoga as a practice with Lana

This is my second post dedicated solely to testimonials and the re-uniting with our higher selves, the selves that are eternally in a blissful state of JOY!

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(one of the two "testimonal" posts)

Lana Baumgartner began her (intentional) yoga journey almost ten years ago and immediately witnessed the transformative power. At 15 years old, Lana was a teenager seeking the all encompassing answer to life and found it in the practice of Yoga.  Since her first class, Lana has worked to increase yoga’s presence in her life by practicing frequently and taking as many classes and workshops as she can, many with internationally-known teachers.

Her passion for yoga led her to study in India at the Yoga Institute of Mumbai, certified as “Madhyama Yoga Shiksha” and completed her 200hr. training in Massachusetts at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  She anticipates the Jivamukti training at OMEGA in 2011.  Her teaching is influenced by Kripalu, Jivamukti Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and most importantly the inner yogi that she believes everyone is innately guided by.

Lana’s practice has led her on an abundant path and she also creates Chakra inspired Jewelry, “Bijoux de Lanaleacal” and is certifed in Thai Massage and as of June 2010, Journey Dance.  Lana strives to create a relaxing yet energizing atmosphere in her Yoga classes. She hopes to help her students open up to the endless possibilities in their bodies and their spirits and to find the state of flow that makes peace and transformation possible.


“Dear Lana,  After a full day of busy obligations and meticulous responsibilities, I wasfully anticipating my first class of yoga with you. It had been several months since I had been in a formal class setting. When I arrived, the mood was set to ambiance.The room was dimly lit, the slight beat of drums and melodies sifted thru the air, as ifcarried by the scent of incense, until each reached my senses, immediately calming me, remindingme, “I am here.” I unrolled my mat and sat comfortably in a conventional meditation posewhile others streamed in and got settled behind and around me.. Your class was very full and I had notbeen to a class that big in this area, so I was curious to see how it would go. Immediately yourose to greet everyone and your voice carried thru the space like a melodic hum. You encouragedus to expand our minds and our bodies every inch of their capacity as we breathed oceanic wavesof exhales across the room. Each position you guided us thru was an intended release of inhibition, self-consciousness, and negativity, and an embrace of strength, endurance, positivity, and even hope. Each breath of air we released vocally allowed the sound of “Om”to resonate in our throats, bodies, and spirits. A choir could not have perfected more harmony.As some faltered and others gracefully perfected each move and breath, we all breathed in an understanding of unison- that we were one; with eachother, with the earth, with ourselves. As class came to a close and you instructed us to cover ourselves and your voice guided us thru a restful meditation, my mind could not help but to drift off peacefully to the sound of your voice. As I rolled to one side and raised myself from my mat, I felt renewed in every way. It was an amazing experience guided by a spirited, sweet, and gentle instructor. I would reccommend your class to anyone, whether for a first time experience or a long time committment. Your energy is beautiful. Many blessings to you in your work.  Peace, Lila (Lila Schoff, NJ)

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4 Responses to Yoga as a practice with Lana

  1. uncle Jeff says:

    Lila means, the divine play of life: the foreground of what we see and feel. Behind, beyond, and within Lila is the One, the God, the Overmind. We cannot escape Lila so we must live and move in it and with it.

    Lana is an exceptional soul who is rediscovering her spiritual search in this life. It has been a pleasure to know her and let her know that what she is doing is a continuum. It is the same for all of us. We are moving in and out of lives and our questions, our answers and our life flow is what makes us individuals. The answers are the same but their expression and timing are unique.

    Stay strong enough to bend and not break. Stay alive and well. Find Love and give it,,,Peace,,Jeff

  2. Sitpraipt says:

    Hello, this is really great post, I will bookmark this! it will help lots of people. Keep posting!

  3. James says:

    Please, keep up the excellent work and continue to post topics like this. I am really fan of your blog.

  4. Lana says:

    Katelyn Sara Hans
    Lana, I know you don’t really know me, but I just wanted to let you know that your beautiful pictures have inspired me to start doing yoga again (honestly I don’t know why I ever stopped!). Also, I know your wedding day is quickly approaching, and I wish you all the happiness in the world!! Thanks so much for being an inspiration without even realizing it! C: (FACEBOOK)

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