Aloha! …I’m just dreaming of warm weather!!

This was in Longport, NJ yesterday!!

This post is just food for thought:

Everyone seems to love the topic of LOVE!  More so, heartbreak!  Have you ever Googled heartbreak?  Have you ever seen the documentary “What the bleep do we know?”  I had to watch it last night to put myself in check…The “addiction to sex” or “love” is addressed.   My “LOVE”, lover, fiancé, partner…is away at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health right now assisting the 200hr Yoga Teacher training.  As we were invited to assist together, we could have certainly arranged the stay together.  However, we did not.  I am here…or all over should I say…and he is there.  He will by away for 14 days altogether.  We’re only on day 4.

Obviously there’s an addiction here…because I’m totally going nuts!  To be with someone almost every day and sleep in the same bed every night…is a feat in itself.  For them to be away, for an extended period of time (yes 14 days is extended) is a serious challenge.   This “challenging” moment of my life reminded me of this part of “What The Bleep Do We Know?

“So how can anyone really say they’re in love with a specific person, for example? They’re only in love with the anticipation of the emotions they’re addicted to, because the same person could fall out of favor the next week by not complying.  My goodness, doesn’t that change the landscape of our emotional outlook on personal needs and identities?”

This is quickly becoming a practice of “being present,” and developing the “witness consciousness,” or “observer.”  What’s going on, on a physical level here?!  Missing?  Yearning? Addiction?  Emotions are intriguing to say the least!

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  1. uncle Jeff says:

    God is Love sayeth the Bible. Not attraction, lust, desire, expectation …but the Love itself is God. So, in your day practice Loving without reason. Be within yourself and find calmness and completeness. To enjoy means to bring in joy or add joy. ………so …………ENJOY…………………UNCLE JEFF

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