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“A tree lives on its roots , if you change the root, you change the tree.
Culture lives in human beings, if you change the human heart, the culture
will follow.” -Jane Hirshfield

These words provide me with mental substance almost tangible considering the density as it manifests in my mind.  Does culture truly live within?  Is this co-creative existence not that which stirs and melds and concocts?  Or do our roots determine our tree?  The roots have reached vast plains, however I cannot object to such a simple truth.   I am my “roots.”

Finally, I’ve watched “The Buddha.”  My thoughts are all over the place, for lack of better words.  In past years, I have practiced buddhism, or shall I say, become acquainted with Buddhism.  First in Thailand in 2006, and then with more attention in 2007 in College through an “East-West World Views” course.

I currently practice Yoga.  I practice living Yoga…Yamas…Niyamas…what is entailed, I believe, is relatively subjective.  I don’t feel that I am obliged to adopt Hinduism in practicing Yoga…or an East Asian belief system.  However, I do know the ultimate goal of my asana practice is unity with the divine, with source, with my higher self, with God.  There are a multitude of labels that we have chosen to place upon the happiness we all seek.

Many of my beloved Yoga teachers along the way have instructed to “dedicate your practice,” to “someone or something,” before the commence of an asana sequence.  Not until just recently have I decided that the only offer or “dedication” worthy-is source, it is God…the divine.  What else am I working for in the moving meditation of asana practice?  What more am I seeking above unity with thee?

Isn’t that the ultimate goal of this physical body?   This life?  We’re searching for happiness?  What will bring us into a consistent state of joy?  If higher self, if source, if GOD-is PURE and the LIGHT that we must unite with in this life to provide substance-meaning; than that is what we must see and feel and hear and taste and touch and smell in everything we do?

A strong point in the film (The Buddha), for me, was near the end…explaining-to my knowledge-that we must notice everything in each moment and notice with gratitude…each moment is a miracle.  Find joy in all that we do, in each moment. Why not?  Perfection always?  No, no, not me!  Striving? Yes. Always.

Amplify and increase the instances in which there moments of gratitude of life occur and we are; YES!  closer to source.  unity. YOGA.


more later 🙂


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2 Responses to The Buddha Buddhism beliefs Religions FAiTH

  1. Lela Wright says:

    Recently I have been reading quite a bit on moral ethics because of my…Philosophy of Moral Ethics class. (Ha!)Anyway, Aristotle believed that we as humans have a purpose and that purpose is to function WELL and in order to function WELL we should live virtuously. Now, in order to live virtuously we must find the mean–the happy medium–through our human ability to reason. (For instance, take the virtue of giving. We do not give everything we have away because we would have nothing left to give and we do not keep everything for ourselves because that would be greedy. We find the mean–the reasonable center of the spectrum.) Other philosophers that came long after Aristotle spoke of happiness being the greatest good and gave us explicit instructions on how to create this happiness. They argued however on the topic of intention and the outcome. What am I going on and on about? Well, I sometimes feel that as humans we tend to complicate things so much. What Aristotle taught and what Buddha taught was this simple message… As humans we are given the gift of conscious reason, we should go about our lives seeking balance and striving for something greater than ourselves. …And in the end, we will have carried out our human function. 

    My favorite part of Aristotle’s theory is the importance of the “well” in functioning WELL. This simply means that a toaster really isn’t a toaster if it is broken because it is unable to toast the bread any longer. 

    I think all humans look to find purpose…and when they can’t or their path becomes hard to navigate they feel lost. 

    See, in a sense even Aristotle had a yoga practice;)

    (By the way, please excuse any grammar or spelling errors. I’m typing this on my iPhone and I can only see it one line at a time!!)

  2. uncle Jeff says:

    Go Lela,,,you is good.

    Oh yes, Ganesha, the elephant …first chakra …inner value….solidity. Be solid in the core values. Be solid in your practice. Be solid in your devotion. Be solid in your Love.

    It is OK to have an intention for the dance such as, ” I’m going to dance for strength or grace” but it is eventually imperative that we all realize that the big dance is with God…….by the minute and by the lifetime. Yukteswar says, “Do your best”. Our best is often a little bit better than we are doing.
    Do not quit. But do not stop. The Buddha is always about the moment:

    The wind touches the reed…………..quivering dance with the breeze……..haiku

    How would you notice the reed? How would you appreciate the moment………..Practice

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