Breaking barriers

What compelled me to begin this post, was a friend I bumped into today while enjoying the last few weeks of warmth here in South Jersey, outside at my favorite café (Malelani Café).

I haven’t seen this friend in quite a few weeks and have to add, we haven’t known each other long, nor is the friendship very close.  Better to say, I know this person on somewhat of a “surface level” for lack of better words!   Of the little that I do know; he was in a serious accident and has been suffering with a herniated disc in his spine.   He tends to speak of it frequently as he describes it as an intense pain that has him very preoccupied.

Never have I experience a herniated disc.  However, I have certainly experienced physical pain in my life!  Ladies, menstrual cramps?  I can’t say I empathize, considering.

He went on describing the pain and how it was intruding on his every day life.  He can’t function.  He cannot concentrate.  The settlement will be complete within the following day and he’ll be monetarily compensated.  Maybe surgery is an option. The treatments he has tried and given thought to:  chiropractic, osteopathic medicine, yoga, massage…yet little effort towards consistency…”I get lazy.”

I found myself wanting to shake him-JUST FOR A MOMENT!  Really, the feeling left me quickly…but! Just for a moment!  I wanted to shake him.  What I wanted to say in shaking him was, “IT’S NOT THE HERNIATED DISC! IT’S YOU!”   Now, that is not quite what you want to say to someone suffering that you don’t quite know so well.  Is it?  I didn’t think it was appropriate, and thus, I didn’t end up shaking him after all.  I tried to enter from a softer side.

“You know, you have to have faith.”  That’s pretty much all I could muster up by way of reply.  I tried to go on explaining myself, but I noticed his eyes glaze over and utter disinterest.   How could I explain that if you don’t believe in something it’s not going to work?  It seems elementary to me-the concept of faith…Not faith in a religious sense as the word seems to carry such a connotation, more of the “all-encompassing” faith is what I’m referring to.  Faith in whatever it is you believe and whatever it is you want to work in your life-whatever it may be!

Which ALSO reminds me of the conversation I had on the phone with my 17 year old sister last night.  High school is rough. Can you remember high school?  Transformation time for most.  I was reminding her of the ol’ “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”…

my beloved 17 year old sister, in 07′ (and the little one)!

My Yoga asana practice reminds me, over and over again, to be a “witness.”   For that brief moment, in a challenging pose when I want to run away and scream or want to just lie down and give up…I have to remind myself to just notice these feelings.   Have you read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle?  My love was reading it the other day, and pointed out a practice in the book for women experiencing menstrual cramps and how we can use that to our advantage in our own spiritual evolution and strengthening our “witness consciousness.”    This may be leading into another realm on this topic of physical pain~ but the point is really the power of the mind.






Yes yes! I’m on the same topic I find myself coming back to (so many posts prior).  Let your mind heal. ** Eastern philosophy:  “The mind.”  For simplicity, let’s stick with “your mind” as the power within self for now…Let your mind be strong and bring you to the open places of ease you seek!  Let your eyes


see the vast array of beauty that is before you in every moment.  Let your body feel ease which is accessible at any given moment…Shall I call it a practice of optimism?  OR rather simplicity?  I was told by a wise, older woman just recently (who I mistakenly perceived prior to be a very grumpy, quite unhappy lady) that the vast majority of humans really tend to complicate life with all of their problems and negativity.  If we just realized how simple everything is, we’d be a hell of a lot happier 😛


lets get back to basics!

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2 Responses to Breaking barriers

  1. uncle Jeff says:

    We will never know the pain of others until we live it. On the other hand, if one does not keep a positive mindset and stand up against the illness, the lesson is not learned. Every day I deal with some kind of Viet Nam related pain but every day I attempt to find the answer and hold to spirit. The soul is not feeling this pain. It can be very hard to realize the dream body in dream pain when it really hurts ,,,but that is what we are supposed to do………….realize the dream in everything and seek the ONE behind it all.

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