As we’ve returned, just about a week ago from an 18hr road trip to Wisconsin from South Jersey, I have a few things to share regarding our extensive transit time.

There’s no question.  With an 8yr old, and a female with a believably pea sized bladder, stopping for a restroom on an 18hr car ride is 100% necessary.

A logical place to pull off and locate toilets would be a rest stop, no?

When there’s an emergency…what is more prevalent in any city at any given time?

you’ve got it:


Since Sophomore year of high school, when I truly decided enough was enough, I could no longer consider the idea (or physical feeling) of this “stuff” inside my body, I sought appreciation from another perspective.  The colors?  The familiarity?  Free water?  Nope. Bathrooms!

Everyone knows McDonalds has bathrooms!  They’re everywhere!  When all else fails, there’s always a McDonalds 🙂

“Have you had your break today?”

Who knew?  McDonald’s old  slogan: letting the world know they might not have any real food for humans to ingest, but they sure have great dependable bathrooms!

Thanks McDonald’s, for being my #1 most dependable, on the road restroom stop 🙂

Check out this McDEE’s B-room:  hilarious!

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One Response to Appreciating…McDonalds!

  1. Joe Mattia says:

    great post everybody pee on mcdonalds

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