the Heartland is hOMe

Bonjour my lovelies!

I am home from the Midwest!  We spent about 2.5 weeks in Wisconsin, mainly Madison, and about a week in Chicago.

I DO love the Midwest.  We couchsurfed (  in Madison and I am very pleased to convey that we were blessed with conscious, welcoming, exceptional hosts!

We cooked dinner with two of our hosts and had fresh eggs from the Chicken in the backyard while staying with the third!  We mingled with our hosts and felt the warmth and open hearted consciousness of the area.

This was the first host’s home on the Lake!

I do not want to focus on the negative, just the “contrast,” in mentioning that in our area, South Jersey, there are not many options for Couchsurfing hosts.

Our last hosts lived in a small, quaint home near Madison’s west side.  The couple both ran their own conscious businesses and seemed quite joyful and fulfilled.  They were on their way to a summer’s end camping trip in Northern Wisconsin when we arrived.  YES!  When we arrived.  We had never met these two in person.  We had only chatted through the couchsurfing website.

We walked through the house into the backyard before a brief hello and learned the chicken care process:  feeding, water, hours to let out of the coop…and chatted for only a short while before they handed us the keys and tucked themselves in to wake up bright and early to head out.  We stayed in their home and tended to the chickens for 4 days!  What lovely trusting souls! How brave!

We woke up on our last day, to head down to Chicago and rushed outside to bring our eggs in for breakfast.  What did we find?  NO EGGS!

We found…a…well…we thought it was A WEASEL!  The chickens were near the door clucking and scratching as we had witnessed the days prior.  The wiry gray overgrown rat was doing a little dance in the corner of the coop with its beady little eyes attempting to find the path out.  I screamed so loud I swear the vibration shot it in the other direction.  I rushed inside to find Joe, assuming he had a better idea than screaming at it.  I figured the idea of calmly discussing with the overgrown rat that it had to depart wasn’t going to go over well this time.  Joe grabbed an umbrella and ran outside, and began banging the umbrella against the coop…you’d figure it would run the opposite direction, right?  NOPE.  Hairy little rodent just continued to dance in the corner.  Standing in utter disbelief of our misfortune, Joe and I glared at the coop with sullen expression and our hands on our hips in a contemplative, yet horrified pose.

After spraying ammonia in the coop (only by my father’s insistence), poking in the coop with a bizarre screw looking metal rod, 10 separate phone calls to dad,  banging a few more times with the umbrella, turning off the heating lights, reasoning and talking to the rodent, running in the house multiple times desperately searching for a new tool to prod him out,  and a whole lot of disapproving looks…we decided to walk away.

The neighbor, (the new chicken care taker) happened to be dashing out the door for her morning run.  We inundated her with our rodent story as she stared back with a mildly disgusted look on her face.  She responded with, ” ohhh, don’t worry.  My burly farm boy partner will get it out.”

Oh jeez.  End of the story?  The rodent was removed from the coop.  No chickens harmed.  Oh! and! It wasn’t a weasel.  It was a possum.

More later.  🙂

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One Response to the Heartland is hOMe

  1. Jeff says:

    Now that’s some good writing and some valuable life experience. Everyone should raise chickens. I have not raised chickens but have cleaned chicken coops. They look like someone brushes them. Maybe you guys could start a chicken farm. Thanks for the wit and humor………….,,,,,,,,,,Jeff

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