Mad City

Doing some planning this evening for a trip to Madison, Wisconsin…back to the home town!

The whole concept of “hOMe” is so much more exciting with a fresh perspective and loved ones to share with…

I love this article ”

Madison, Wisconsin Tops List as Favorite Midwest City”

“The natural beauty, friendliness and energy of Madison, Wisconsin make it my favorite Midwest city. It has all of the amenities of larger Midwest cities like Chicago, without the huge crowds and traffic congestion.  The eco-conscious, bike-friendly town is easy to explore on foot, bike or by car.

This favorite Midwest city has been named as “One of the Ten Most Livable Cities in the United States,” by the 2007 Place Rated Almanac. Nestled between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin combines the stunning natural beauty of the lakes with a lively cultural atmosphere. The center of Madison, Wisconsin resides the State Capitol which adds to the beauty of this favorite Midwest city.

Favorite Midwest City: Things to Do in Madison, Wisconsin

As home to the University of Wisconsin, Madison offers plenty of sports and entertainment opportunities along with other local attractions providing something for everyone to do in this favorite Midwest city.

Madison, Wisconsin is home to one of the nation’s best farmer’s markets. Touted as the largest producer-onlyfarmers market in the country the Dane County Farmer’s Market held throughout the year in this favorite Midwest city. In the spring through fall months, the market is held outdoors surrounding the State Capitol. Themarket is held every Saturday indoors or outdoors, depending on the season, in downtown Madison. To find out more about the market visit the Dane County Farmer’s Market Web Site or by calling (608) 455-1999.

For history buffs, the Wisconsin State Capitol located in the heart of downtown Madison offers free tours. Featuring the only granite dome in the nation, the interior architecture is stunning with a variety of decorative murals and rich history. Madison, Wisconsin is also home to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Morona Terrace. The terrace roof overlooks Lake Monona and the stunning State Capitol…”

My sister Cali and I at James MADISON park

Sigh…oh Madison, how I long for thee!  Can’t wait visit hOMe!

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2 Responses to Mad City

  1. Jeff says:

    Having traveled throughout the world, why do I stay in Madison? Voted best place in the U.S. to raise your children in Life Magazine in 1949, my birth year, and again the same honor in 1999 there must be something about Madtown that shines above all. It is the people. Much diversity and down home midwest mentality combine to make Madison low on crime and high on good neighbors. I was born here and it feels like home to this day. Blessings to all,,,,,Uncle Jeff

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