Journey Dance

I graduated from Journey Dance teacher training today.  I have so many beautiful poetic words to describe the experience and they will flow from my fingertips in due time.  At this moment, I need to share a ‘post’ experience…riding the wave of bliss, I have found myself sweeping up others…

My love’s son, Joey, rode home with me from upstate NY to South Jersey…about three hours give or take-we actually spent about five together including the stops what not.

He had just been on a five day camping Journey, as I was of course on my journey; in the woods with an organization called COTEF.  Children of the Earth Foundation.   I’ll expound on that later as well…

Joey had told me just about everything his excited little eight year old self could remember and I asked him if he wanted to hear about my week.   I cranked up some electronic music with a funky beat, as he was completely overtired, he began clapping his hands loudly and snapping…let out some deep solar plexus sounds.

I took him through a journey dance with my words…in the most concise manner possible.  I went on and on as if I were channeling the infamous saint 😉   Toni Bergins…Joey said not a worD!  I stopped and turned back-“Joey?  Are you sleeping?”

“NO! I’m listening!  That’s SOO Cool!”

Lana:  “So what do you think?  Do you want to Journey dance?”

Joey went on a whole rant from there, actually, let’s call it…a manifestation…creativity.  He asked if I could do it at his school…what Yoga studios would be good?  Could he help me pick the music?

and the best part…

Joey:  “Lana, so what would my Journey Dance be?  Do you think I could leave my body?  I could travel out of my body, to somewhere else…another country.  Can I do that in Journey Dance…?  Yea, YeaH!  I could!  That would be my Journey Dance!!”

Wow.  Wow is the only word I could come up with in this incredibly exhausted state!  Then…THEN!  Joey starts telling me…

“Lana…When we die, maybe we can go back to the time to see what we were before,  what we were in our past lives.  I could be in like, my hundredth life!”

Lana:  “You know what my uncle Jeff says?  He says that in our past lives we were all once connected and now here, in this life, we are all connected again in a different way.  What do you think about that?”

Joey:  “Wow!  REAlly?!  So maybe you were like my sister or something?  Maybe I could find out if I Journey Dance.”

Side note:  This surely is not verbatim.  I am incredibly exhausted in a way of complete gratitude…However, you get the gist ya?   What a great conversation.  How introspective?   How inspiring?  How incredible?  I mean…do I have a new future DJ?

I have a new love for kids.

JouRnEY dANcE has enabled me to look at everything in a newly defined way…a way of appreciation.

“Toni, because you are you, I can be me.”

Did I quote that right?  Please claim your quote…I LOVE IT…one of the Journey Dance graduates said this today in our last few departing moments.


…stay tuned. more to come after much needed deep sleep.


Graduation day…Toni and DJ Root…Toni’s tribe:  Courtney, Edwin, Desiree

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3 Responses to Journey Dance

  1. Duncan Toms says:

    Congratulations on your second graduation in less than a year!

  2. uncle Jeff says:

    Children are clear of society’s knowledge, and hence free to express universal wisdom and connectedness to their own higher self. …………… Then we get taught the linear stuff and can’t remember the truth. That is Maya (delusion over a society). And then we spend our whole life trying to wade through information to find the truth again. Make sure you find it. Smriti means remembering. It is the name for Spiritual realization.

    When you die, you can take any form. Usually, people take the appearance of themselves in the most recent life at it’s most healthy moment, maybe in their 20’s.

    Every person you “make a connection” with you have almost certainly known in a past life and agreed to come on board together in this life.

    Where do I get all these statements from? ………..from an internal and external search that started when I was old enough to ask questions. From my home in the Himalayas. From the Masters and Devas that guide me. No airy fairy crap, Viet Nam combat Marine true information.

    Breathe deep. You are always on the path to enlightenment. Stay with it,,,,,,,,,Uncle Jeff

    By the by. These people above are in musical rapture. Bless them all.

  3. Nikki Jaya says:

    I’m am at a loss for words. simply amazing ❤ so much love . thank you for sharing this experience…you are a beautiful shining light

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