The instruction of YOGA

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.”

-Galileo Galilei

Teaching “Hatha,” the asanas, the physical yoga allows me to become introspective.   I am granted the opportunity; enabled to delve deep inside to explore the universe that exists within us all in turn I am given the ability to grasp just a piece of understanding to cultivate altruism as the microcosm reveals the true of the microcosm…

we are given two eyes to look out and one to look in

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One Response to The instruction of YOGA

  1. Uncle Jeff says:

    As the Yogini Lana has said, Yoga means to yoke, to unite. To unite with your own higher self and then with higher power. How about this? The most important moments in the Yoga practice are the ones between the postures. The time where you relax and feel. Between postures, close your eyes and bring the gaze and attention to the point between the eyebrows. Breathe and relax. Let go of the edges of your body. Let yourself expand beyond the body. Let go of everything. Now , open the eyes and prepare for the next posture. That is the way and the light,,,,,,,uncle Jeff

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