Healing gems and global consciousness

Allô mes amis!

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, June 9, 2010, I participated as a vendor for the first time offering my art; my jewelry more specifically.

The affair was deemed “Boutique Event” organized by the Atlantic County Women’s Center of New Jersey.

Mission: Empowering women by working to secure their physical safety,
emotional well-being, individual freedom and economic equality.

The weather yesterday, here in South Jersey; was not quite what one might favor while preparing for an outing to “shop!”

In other words…not many people showed up.  Not as many as expected.

HOWEVER!  The event brought in great energy and healthy vibes of warm vibrations of positivity, laughter, smiles, connections, great conversation and of course what made it all possible was great company.  Even though vendors didn’t seem to become millionaires off of their sales last night; myself included, I felt compelled to keep smiling and being present in my current place, at my little table covered with my artwork, Ganesha and a big happy laughing Buddha made of clay…

A man who was set up across from me, with beautiful handmade benches of local wood, in passing mentioned his observation,

“you’ve certainly done this before!”

and I responded,

“me?!  no way!  This is my first time!  Why would you say that?!  I haven’t sold a thing!”

with a grin speaking “realllly” the man replied,

“well!  you’ve made eye contact with every single person that has walked by and you’ve smiled too!”

I laughed in gratitude of the compliment…and we carried on for a minute or so…and concluded with,

“we will sell by the end of the night!”

…and what happened in the moments following?

I bet you can guess!

I am grateful for his compliment; more grateful than you might imagine.  I may have analysed quite extensively-but I must say, the truth is, a positive attitude goes a long way. I put quite a bit of time, money and effort into this event and I didn’t receive anywhere near the tangible value I put out, as profit made-however, I received more…within.

Every smile returned was worth a million…

A great quote we all know so well just came to me:

“If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can’t buy.”


A Chinese proverb says,

“Money cannot purchase what the heart desires.”

Joe snapped a shot of me in super SMILE mode with his blackberry

Feeling like you’ve needed something?  Anything?  Go out in public and offer a smile to an unsuspecting stranger, upon return, feel the fulfillment of stimulating the LOVE that we are each meant to feel…that we are each meant to be.



buddhasaying-1.jpg Think love - Be Love image by Joysilk_2008

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One Response to Healing gems and global consciousness

  1. Joe Mattia says:

    Great post Love! Your table, art and attitude was a great display of who I know you to be

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