YOGA **in schools** MOVEMENT

Joe and I have just disconnected a call from an amazing woman, Debby Kaminsky  She has created the “Newark Yoga Movement”:

“A movement to bring yoga to every single child in the Newark School System to help them reach their potential through increased focus, peacefulness, self-esteem and the unleashing of creative energy.  Newark Yoga Movement, 501c3 organization, has been publicly endorsed by Newark School Superintendent, Dr. Clifford Janey and Honorable Mayor Cory A. Booker.  Want to be a part of this movement?”

This blurb was taken directly from Debby’s page:

Debby is truly an incredible woman, and I encourage you to check out her site and educate yourself on the progressive nature of a dedicated yogini trained by Shiva Rea along with other yogis making headlines…Each noted as part of a movement in which a positive impact on this earth-in the lives of anyone and everyone is imperative and comes with ease through inspired intention.

Joe and I have been teaching; five classes thus far, at Buena Regional High School.  The first day was truly a test run.  We had never been in a school or formal education environment teaching Yoga.  The results, within only five classes has been bold.  We have graced the hallways of the High School with Student Assistance Coordinator/Crisis Counselor, Judy Venafro, and have been pleasantly surprised by the requests to join us Yoga practice.

“Ms. Venafro!  Can I come to the Yoga class?!”

“Ms. Venafro!  I want to do YOGA!”

We have received incredibly positive feed back from students and we are adamant to continue and potentially incorporate Yoga into the the school day if not the elective  curriculum of all schools.

I do recall myself as a high school student, somewhat baffled by the fact that Cesar Chavez High School-I believe was the location, in which students has the option of electing a Yoga class as part of their formal high school education.  Why not every school?

We’re shooting for the stars…

I believe Debby had mentioned during our call that there were over 100 in the staff development meeting, in which she stated that we must,

“teach teachers first so they know what they’re getting and so they support it.”

This is where Joe and I have yet to begin in Buena High School…the ball is rolling…Prana is flowing…

If you support this movement, please comment and share your ideas!

Online quotes from Buena Students:

“hey whats up girl it was cool to be back at yoga again cant wait till next time”

yoo that would be awsomne 2 have yoga out our way! i love your classes keep coming!!!”

Love yoga sooooo much can’t wait till Friday :))”

Yoqa class today was fun, not only because it was outside but i qot in touch with the nature around me. I was wayy more relaxed. Thanx”

yogaraj_py2.jpg image by planetyogahk

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