Ready to start using green energy? Swit…

Ready to start using green energy?  Switch to Viridian.   What is Viridian? Read on…

The new Federal mandate calls for 20% by 2020- a reduction in petroleum dependence by 20 percent by 2020.

Viridian complies with this new mandate and is working to get America running on clean green energy.

The new company that I’ve joined, Viridian:

“Viridian Energy™ is an environmentally focused retail electricity provider currently serving residential and small commercial customers in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Founded in March 2009, the company has consistently offered its customers greener electricity options at a discount to the local utility. To learn more, visit (Young, 2010).”

…and be responsible. Do something good for your environment today.

green feels oh so good 🙂

My associate number is 3508.  I will include a link on this post soon…if you’re in CT, PA, NJ, NY, MD…you can make the switch online.

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6 Responses to Ready to start using green energy? Swit…

  1. Lana says:

    If you live in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey you can make the switch and start saving money.
    Coming soon to Maryland.

    Compare Viridian’s Rates:

    Our Rate Utility Rate
    Connecticut (cents/kWh) (cents/kWh)
    CL&P customers 8.989 11.05
    UI customers 8.989 11.57
    PPL customers 9.299 10.448
    New Jersey
    PSE&G 10.50 12.62

    Switch Now….Its free, there is no risk and no catch.

    We guarantee reliable electricity service to your home or small business.
    Viridian provides greener electricity (20% renewable)

    With a utility bill in hand click on sign up.
    Please enter all information exactly as it appears on your current bill so we can make the switch.

    Viridian is a proud sponsor of the Uconn Huskies.

  2. Nick Palermo says:

    sounds great but how will the switch to Veridian impact my monthly electric bill?

    • Lana says:

      Great Question Nick. Are you an independent associate of VIRIDIAN or located in MA?

      What state are you located in and current provider?


    I would love to switch now


    Please make the switch

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