Journey DANCing my cares away

Namasté to you.

I have been eagerly awaiting this post.  It will be short and sweet but deep and pure filled “an ocean of emotion!’

Technical difficulties and this very “engaged” life I lead has kept my fingertips far from a keyboard.  Never fear…life goes on and on and on of course.

This past weekend, the weekend of May 14th…I attended a Journey Dance workshop with Toni Bergins. 

Words cannot truly express the boundless divine aura that embodies this woman, Toni.  She offers her words of inspiration, and her ability to engage your being in every way-into a dance of unihibited self-expression at it’s best. 

Attending her Journey Dance at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health was a completely different experience-as we were provided the ultimate venue and plenty of radiant, vibrant free spirits to fill the room with energy.  Philadelphia’s Dhyana Yoga was very small in comparison and with much fewer bodies to occupy the space.  HOWEVER!  The passion that unfolds each time Toni begins leading the dance…is unwavering.

I will admit, I was increibly psyched for this workshop.  I was ready to dance my heart out-as “they” say.  Though, without Toni’s energy, I am not so sure I would’ve fully expressed my heart’s desire.

I danced, I sang, I laughed, I cried, I befriended, I mingled, I frowned, I jumped, I leaped, I soared, I fell, I sank and swam, my every cell radiated with pure positive energy that flowed through my being and out into the space of the room and interwove with the complex, yet free spirits of those who chose this night, to partake in the dance of freedom…the dance of free expression, the dance of love, the dance of cultivation-cultivation of light and love and peace and joy and all that makes this world such a beautiful beautiful place…and my skin felt soft and moist the way it feels when you know the endorphins are exploding with bliss and exhilaration has taken over your mind and thoughts have drifted away and one feels solely, just simply, so, so, so good.

Thank you Toni.

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