Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill REvoLUtION …OIL SPILL CLEAN UP

As I’ve mentioned prior-and many, many times…I do not occupy my time with “the news.”  For a magnitude of logical, legitimate reason-among this, well constructed quote:

“The trouble with the news is that everybody knows everything too fast and too often and too many times. News had always been bad. The tiger the lives in the forest just ate your wife and kids, Joe. There are no fat grub worms under the rotten logs this year, Al. Those sickies in the village on the other side of the mountain are training hairy mammoths to stomp us flat, Pete. They nailed up two thieves and one crackpot, Mary. So devote wire service people and network people and syndication people to gathering up all the bad news they can possibly dredge and comb and scrape out of a news-tired world and have them spray it back at everybody in constant streams of electrons, and two things happen. First, we all stop listening, so they have to make it even more horrendous to capture our attention. Secondly we all become even more convinced that everything has gone rotten, and there is no hope at all, no hope at all. In a world of no hope the motto is semper fidleis, which means in translation, “Every week is screw-your-buddy week and his wife too, if he’s out of town.”

-John D MacDonald

…and a more blatant perspective that resonated well with me:

“Guess what, even before this economic melt down; there have always been some sort of miss giving upon mankind.  Natural disasters, epidemics, economic catastrophes etc… I firmly believe that if we did not watch the news, the recession would not be as hard hitting as it is.  Its negative, makes you want to crawl up into a ball and just hope the boogey man does not get to you or me. We as people living on this Planet Earth are always faced with a challenges, even before all this crap hit the fan. Do not despair advice is on the way.  Here is some useful advice that works for me:  I do not watch the news or read the newspaper.  Think about it, one more person feeling down and helpless is going to make this world a better place.  I do not think so!  So do not add fuel to the fire. Watch what happens after two weeks of not watching or reading that mind junk food. You will feel better, trust me!”

shana47 (U.K.)

The steady stream of negativity is certainly not what any individual needs in this life to achieve ultimate happiness.  I need not go any further with this explanation.

To continue; let’s just say the oil spill “news” came a bit late for me.  However, if I would’ve known at the moment it was broad-casted to the world, I don’t believe it would’ve changed much.  Then again, why add to the sorrowful vibrations being sent out into the universe at that very moment?  I’d rather not.

My father informed me of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill two days ago.  He is an extremely intelligent man, rather philosophical, introspective and analytical.   Not only did he give me “the news,”  he gave me a brief synopsis of the potential future of our planet’s demise.

For a moment-just for a moment, my heart sank.  My eyes swelled.  We are all connected.  I’ve wrote it many times before.  Thus, a piece of the larger part of me, the larger part of you has been directly affected.  The creatures that have come in contact with the oil from BP’s  Deepwater Horizon are living beings-creatures that are part of this interconnected web of life we are all woven into.  I thought at this moment of hearing the news, that I may fall into a deep depression once again from the information provided by “the news.”

The truth of the matter is:  global consciousness is shifting.

We have the ability to change now.  We have the ability to change tomorrow.  Change is happening.  Change is here.  We are moving towards conscious living.  We can live harmoniously on our planet; with our planet.  Mother Earth is still right under your feet, supporting you.  Breathe in, breathe out…and know that we have found a better way.  OIL WILL BECOME A THING OF THE PAST.  Thank heavens for the spill.  Wake up call is here.  In our face, right here-right now.

Of course this catastrophe is not to be taken lightly.  Let’s be completely realistic here.  Unless you have a grand solution and are on your way to the Gulf of Mexico this very moment; let’s consider the following:

we cannot change what has happened


we can create solutions

we can call upon scientist to address the situation

we can work together to “clean up” our earth

we can pray for the best

Here is an article.  Here is the news you want to see; the news you want to read.

And here is another article written to provide solutions.  Forget the problem!  Take action and engage in the solution.  Raise your consciousness!

Now go HUG a TREE!

Link posted below quote of GREAT ARTICLE about “hugging trees.”

“So how does this scientific observation apply to hugging trees? Well, since trees have no stress or dis-ease, they are constantly vibrating at the equilibrium frequency of 12hz. Since most of us are not perfect, and we have a stressed, worried, or angered mind, we can benefit from being close to these trees. When we hug a tree, we are wrapping our whole bodies around the tree, enveloping the tree with our arms and legs. According to the law of resonance, our “vibes” will begin to resonate with the tree’s “vibes”. Since we usually reside above the 12hz frequency, our frequency will actually be lowered from the act of hugging a tree. When you hug a tree you are calming your body/mind/spirit, essentially making you feel good. Do you ever wonder why they tell you to hug a tree when you are lost in the woods? This is for several reasons, but the main ones are so that you stay in one visible place for people to find you, and the other reason is to calm you in an otherwise panicky situation.

So, the next time you are strolling through the woods, find a nice old tree that is very thick and healthy, and give it a hug. Hug it for 1-3 minutes and you will immediately notice your mind becoming calm. I have also noticed that the direct areas of the body that are touching the tree will begin to feel “funny”. It feels as if some infrared light is shining on your skin, and you feel a warming sensation on those body parts.”

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3 Responses to Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill REvoLUtION …OIL SPILL CLEAN UP

  1. carlos says:

    FOR THE HUG A TREE POST: yesss, but… higher frequency means that you are closer to enlightement, lower fq means that you are still on the colective ego materialism concience, if you hug a tree you are connecting with the higher frequency of the balanced mother earth, so the velocity of your atoms vibrating will be higher, and if you continue having high vibrational … See Morethougths, you will atract the same to your life, and if you continue doing this you may problably become ethereal and be back to the source, the zero point, the void where there is no duality, and you will do this without having to leave your body and your present self, you may have a glimpse of this enligthtement through meditation and other ways, and that glimpse is all you need…

  2. Lauren says:

    Just read about hugging trees, wish I had one near me right now =)

  3. Peter Lynch says:

    I honor your efforts. Namaste. I planted all fruit trees on my property and I can’t say enough about the joy, peace and of course wonderful gifts that they give me. This disaster is horrific. This is such a wonderful magical planet and most just don’t get it. Keep shinning the light. Peace.

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