Sil-lə-SYE-bin ? yes…magic mushrooms

Yes, I said it, and I am writing and talking about it…it’s hallucinogenic mushrooms today!  What popped up on my Facebook news feed this week was a link to this article above.

I am not one to read “the news” each day, because in general, the things I truly-REALLY want to know about occurring on this planet are not so commonly floating around mainstream media.  What I REALLY want to know, for example:   is how “Off The Mat,  Into The World,” is doing and what this organization has and currently is doing and helping and where!  I won’t go into details, but check out the link if you’re interested in how:

“OTM uses the power of yoga to inspireconscious, sustainable activism and ignitegrassroots social change. We do this by facilitating personal empowerment through leadership trainings, fostering community collaboration, and initiating local and global service projects.

We see yogis everywhere taking their yoga off the mat and into the world.”

follow this link to Join Our Movement!

Back to hallucinogens:  I read this article in complete an utter amazement and quite honestly, excitement and intrigue in the most literal sense.

“All of a sudden, everything familiar started evaporating,” he recalled. “Imagine you fall off a boat out in the open ocean, and you turn around, and the boat is gone. And then the water’s gone. And then you’re gone.”

This quote from the article sent me into a time space reality of contemplative bliss, and I began to ponder.  Can everyone reach this level?  Or can these cases be treated with success?

“depression in cancer patients, obsessive-compulsive disorder, end-of-life anxietypost-traumatic stress disorderand addiction to drugs or alcohol.”

…as stated in this article, can they be alleviated of their mental constraints with this completely natural remedy given to us by our mother earth?!  Please consider natural in this sense-the mushrooms grow without human interaction or initiation.  Thanks to cow dung!   How wonderful would it be to decrease (or even eliminate) the use of pharmaceutical drugs being ingested by Americans!  U.S. pharmaceutical sales $300.3 billion in 2009:  we don’t need any more stats than that!

“In interviews, Dr. Martin and other subjects described their egos and bodies vanishing as they felt part of some larger state of consciousness in which their personal worries and insecurities vanished. They found themselves reviewing past relationships with lovers and relatives with a new sense of empathy.”

“It was a whole personality shift for me,” Dr. Martin said. “I wasn’t any longer attached to my performance and trying to control things. I could see that the really good things in life will happen if you just show up and share your natural enthusiasms with people. You have a feeling of attunement with other people.”

Sounds pretty Yogic to me!

I truly would like to quote this entire article because each paragraph  moves me in such a profound way.  I love the connection that’s been made between spirituality and the use of hallucinogens.   I believe this is a positive and beautiful connection considering the experiences they are citing.  Individuals having had experiences of connectedness with higher consciousness is truly an  illustrious  revelation!!

More to come…read the article!

Look at these great little guys we spotted in El Yunque, Puerto Rico!

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3 Responses to Sil-lə-SYE-bin ? yes…magic mushrooms

  1. Julia Marie Martin says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Lana, and want to thank you for sharing this article! If you haven´t read Food of the Gods I highly recommend it as it draws some very interesting parallels between early human development and contact with mushrooms as well as other substances throughout history. I was fortunate enough to come across a small patch under a bright full moon over day of the dead weekend on an abandoned beach here in Mexico! Experiences like that stay with you for a lifetime and put a dramatic new perspective on the universe and our interconnectedness.

  2. Uncle Tree says:

    Thanks for providing that link, Lana!
    It’s great to hear and good to know that research is once again being conducted on
    one of Nature’s finest agents of fortune. The miraculous magnificence of this substance
    in terms of it’s spiritual significance for Man cannot be understated. I wish these patients the best!

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