Health Care (Who Cares?) Reform

why do I let myself worry?  ♪ ♫    -Crazy (1961),  Patsy Cline

This line from one of my all time favorites by Patsy Cline sounded through my conscious mind as I questioned my thoughts of this “Health Care Reform.”  I’ve been meaning to post on this subject since Monday, March 22.

I will most definitely dedicate more time to this subject as I do feel passionately about the words that I will now convey (thus, please excuse prior- the brief duration of this post on an ever so lengthy subject):

My well-being depends quite solely upon me…and yours?  YOU!

Health care Reform? Bah!  Yes, BAH!  As in, “out with it; whatever; oh Well!”   …or what have you.  I don’t quite mind what’s happening in relation to our government or any decisions “they” make.  If I do not agree with their decisions, I choose not to live in drudgery due to the “ways of the world.”  If it were so, that I worried about such things, out of my control, “external” circumstances, I might as well weep in sorrow each day for the standards in which the oneness of our world seems to lack-the hungry, the poor…Why waste time, because “Happiness is every human’s birthright,” which is surely not a fact to argue.    We are in fact, ONE-as I have mentioned many times prior; I don’t see living with any other belief conducive to the progression of mankind.

So back to my prior statement, that my-and yours of course as well; our health depends on us!

It doesn’t depend on the government.

Not even DOCTORS are to blame.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION will provide that which you have asked for.

“The Law of Attraction is evidenced when you see that the one who speaks most of illness has illness; when you see the one who speaks most of prosperity has prosperity[…]”

To think and think-ponder and ponder and worry and worry about this reform may do you absolutely no good at all.

I do believe my friend, not giving it any thought at all-and focusing on the health that you now have-the health that is providing you with the clarity to read and comprehend these words will not leave you if you realize it is yours, created and maintained by YOU.

We give our government far too much credit.

This is a fact I have been led to believe for many years, possibly beyond my years and confirmed by Abraham (

There is absolutely no reason to believe that any choices; laws passed; amended; bills passed; reforms (or any “negative changes”)…absolutely nothing the United States government could do-to alter what vibrations we as the oneness we are today, have created and set into motion-when we maintain our stance of positivity and focus on our desires and what we DO WANT (as opposed to what we do not).


Hold health and the concept of abundance in your focus, hold your attention on it-long enough and law of attraction will provide.

The government, as grandiose as they may be,  will never, ever, ever, compensate for the infinite unbounded strength  of our vibrations.  What we-excuse me-what I am needing; what I am asking for-vibrationally speaking-my government  cannot provide-AND-I won’t hesitate to say I DO NOT expect them to!

On that note:

Our universe is created by our vibrations, our desires.  Law of Attraction will continue to provide the health I focus on.

Health care  or not, the reality  is that which we choose to focus on.  It’s all about focus, fine-tuning focusing.  That’s it.

You are Free!! Create your universe-your reality of abundance:  health, joy, prosperity…
It’s Sunday, June 13, 2010 around 10.30am and I am returning to this post.
I would have to deem this post as number one on the list for “most controversial,” and simply the most thought provoking.  I did receive quite a bit of feedback on this post and whether it was positive or negative is irrelevant.  The question of importance here is “how can this perception be further validated?”
Well, if we want to delve into the depths of holistic health and the overall health of humankind, there is much to say; much to explore.
I will begin with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum  I have mentioned this miraculous woman in previous posts.  You can follow the link to check out her site-testimonials and so forth and then I will provide my own:
Joe’s 8 year old son, Joey coughed-a deep, raspy, lower respiratory-potentially infectious dreadful sounding cough for over a year.  What was it?  I am still unsure.  What is important to speak of here was not the degree of severity.  It was bad.  We took Joey to Dr. Teitelbaum.  She recommended a few Ayurvedic herbs and powerful probiotics; above all an ayurvedic diet.
Most simple piece to point out is a cooked apple 20 minutes before breakfast, upon waking, each morning.  Skin removed, cut into fourths, center and seeds removed and boiled in spring water on medium heat for 10 minutes.  The apples prepares the body for assimilating vitamins throughout the day and serves to detoxify the “fasting” system after a restful night’s sleep as the pectin from the apple draws the toxins from the system…always more to say here; but the point is-she recommended a significant, yet simple alteration in Joey’s diet.
Within a few months, Joey’s cough…absent.  Now, I do have to mention here,  the regiment was not implemented to any degree to speak of…days passed without any change in diet, herbs neglected and so forth…HEY! We can’t control what happens out of our home!  Thus, I can imagine what Dr. Teitelbaum could have done for Joey if the plan had been followed to a T!
She mentioned in one of our few visits, that local physicians had sent their worst case patients her way to lead them to be free of their ailments and “dis-ease.”
I am reminded of something I read in the Practices for liberating the body and soul: Jivamukti Yoga book yesterday,
“resistance to change is felt as dis-ease in the body.”
Anything can be cured,
“Naturopathy knows and maintains that no disease is incurable…””no+disease+is+incurable”+nature’s+sunshine&
I remember at six years old, attending seminars with my mother as a studying herbalist.  Before entering each large room, filled with bright eyes and glowing faces filled with positivity and optimism; we would pass the white board on the way in-that read, “no disease is incurable.”
Where am I going with this?  I believe all ailments in the body are caused by the fleeting mind.  When one is born with the ailment, is has been brought on by previous circumstances.  This may be more in line with the Hindu belief system than anything…however, I want to go a step further here, and adopt a level of understanding in which this belief will not limit me or anyone who chooses to believe the same.  We have the unique ability to change our so-called destiny or “past-karma.”
This is a link to an article with very relevant useful info. supporting this theory.
I do not impose my belief system upon others.  I do impose positive thought upon others.  Why not?  Why not be happy? Why live any other way?  Why not look at the “brighter side.”  If you have answers; I do as well.   If your way of thinking differs from mine, no problem!  The world is a beautiful place and humans are divine powerful beings because of the unique ability to be just that…UNIQUE!
Let’s make this really simple with a familiar phrase…don’t knock anything until you try it.
IF my belief system baffles you, once again-NO problem!  We have to make choices in this life.  This choice, these beliefs are what I have chosen.
“my choice is what I choose to do
and if I’m causing no harm
it shouldn’t bother you
your choice is who you choose to be
and if your causin’ no harm
then you‘re alright with me”
-Ben Harper
Thanks Ben!

coexist.jpg coexist image by lupelagata

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