Hello again divine being of light love and infinite potential.    …Isn’t that how you should always be greeted?!

I believe it may be appropriate to label this post one of admittance, or maybe even a bit of a rant; more formally-a question:  I just Googled “Easter.”  I guess I could’ve just navigated directly to Wikipedia.   However, I thought I might just give the old Google 8 Ball a shake…So what is Easter anyway-exactly what is it?  Yes, I know it’s a holiday.  I know it’s affiliated with the christian religion, or just religion shall I say-I don’t know if there’s a “politically correct” manner for what I am attempting to convey.

Honestly, what the H E double hockey stick is Easter?!

Well, here we are; this is what I found and what I presume is the most concise and direct answer to my prior question:

Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion.  Some Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday[2] (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday), two days after Good Friday and three days after Maundy Thursday.

Okay, I guess I did know this but what relevance does it have if I don’t practice Christianity?  Why can’t it just be called “resurrection day…” much more logical in my opinion.

I will not bash “religion.”  I am not asking my questions with sarcasm or criticism.    I am truly asking out of curiosity and mild intrigue.

WhY oh wHy are we “celebrating” Easter?!

I want to go about life the way I do every Sunday.  Tomorrow, I cannot go to my happy little organic specialty grocer…I will not focus on what I cannot do, as I CAN do many things tomorrow, just as any regular Sunday.  Let’s get into the more important questions.  I feel obligated to attend family gathers and say “Happy Easter” to family members…but WHAT am I REALLY SAYING?!

Alright, so enough with the improper punctuation.  Seriously, I believe we (you and me; the human race; all living creatures) might  consider questioning life and all it has to offer.  Life is not meant to be lived blindly without notice of the events of each passing day.  I notice that tomorrow is Easter and I don’t feel that I need be obliged to acknowledge it.

Honestly…do you want to know what I think (you must if you’re still reading):  I believe and wholeheartedly  feel holidays have become an excuse for families and friends to gather under an obliged notion and furthermore do not feel compelled enough to initiate or organize such a gathering otherwise.

Do you agree?  Couldn’t we come together more?  More family time, more friends, more hugs, more tea parties, more “bring a dish” parties…whatever you choose to call them, I believe I would surely benefit from some real quality time-face to face, up close and personal, with everyone important in my life.  Apparently that’s true for the majority of people gathering for Easter tomorrow…or they wouldn’t be doing so-am I right?  And the converse, if one is not inclined to attend an “Easter” gathering, why then?  Kids?

Kids…good reason-I guess.  If  I don”t that feel Easter is an important day, I certainly wouldn’t teach my children to feel any differently.

Obligation to family or friends…great reason but in the name of Easter?  or…do you fit in the above scenario?

Day off…?  okay, come on, really?  It’s Sunday anyway!

Alright, so will someone tell me about…EASTER?!

Oh and LENT:  Easter also marks the end of Lent, a season of fasting, prayer, and penance.

Do you really just want to reason to “give something up?”  Guess what!  Just a secret:  I gave up solid food for 10 days…in a totally random month for a totally random reason…surprise yourself!


I love little furry animals!  I won’t question or complain about the prevalence of rabbit photos this season…unUhn! Not me!  This is one holiday in which the decor is the least offensive to the eye!

Lela Wright-Macgregor

Photo courtesy of Lela Wright.

This is my cousin Lela’s beautiful Easter egg.  Way to bring Yoga into each moment…she is a true yogini 😉

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4 Responses to Easter

  1. Lela Wright says:

    Nice blog! …Easter for us? Since half the family is Jewish–Easter is a day to get creative!! We LOVE decorating eggs!! Hahaha! And for the next few weeks we will consume mass amounts of egg salad sandwiches!! Hahaha!! I could go on and on about this in regards to my Catholic upbringing. However, as a child the Easter services were always the ones I tolerated most. I enjoyed the stories, incense, and candles. It was possibly the only time I felt connected to the “faith”. Which brings me to the word “ritual”. –I have developed my own rituals as an adult. They involve tea, incense, candles, meditation, and of course my asana practice. I look at others rituals as a time for family and community. In the last 10 years I have come to enjoy Shabat services and attending high holy day services at Temple. I’m not Jewish–but our Rabi at temple speaks much like some of my favorite yoga teachers. So many of the same concepts that we apply to our yoga practice. So, even if half the world is closed down because of someone else’s ritual–i’ll continue with my own. Ya know?

  2. Lela Wright says:

    OH! …And I was thinking the SAME thing in regards to “giving things up”. But, we must realize that some people need to restrict themselves in a group setting as a COMMUNITY. For instance, Passover. For the last week we have been celebrating Passover. As I said, I am not Jewish. However, I support the rest of my family by observing the ritual. One thing we can think about here is how there isn’t really a “industry” built around Passover because it isn’t a Christian “holiday”. …And I suppose I am grateful for that. Maybe we could associate an animal with Passover. Much like the bunny has been thrown into Easter. Hahaha!

    I’m particularly perturbed that my favorite yoga class is cancelled today. But hey, I gotta let go of that in which I cannot control, Right??

    • Lana says:

      This is truly a divine way of viewing this subject. It is a “higher practice” to participate with respect to others and letting go of that which one cannot control…one of THEE greatest-to strive for.

  3. Lindsey Kane says:

    So…. why do “they” (we) call it “Easter” anyway?

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