Miss Gaga Yogini Lady

Yes, I put Lady Gaga and Yogini in the same sentence.    Does Lady Gaga practice Yoga or call herself a yogini?  I wouldn’t put anything past that woman, however I haven’t a clue of this statement’s validity.  Although, I do know she portrays herself as an individual who has embraced much of what encompasses that which is the practice of Yoga.

This subject of Lady Gaga was prompted by the long chain of comments following my post on Facebook regarding Lady Gaga’s music video “Telephone” featuring Beyoncé.

Since “Just Dance,” I have been singing along when Lady Gaga’s songs are played on the radio and when I am out and about hearing her music.  Yet, I have been relatively indifferent to the concept of Lady Gaga, or better stated the phenomenon Lady GaGa…until this week.

On Thursday March 25, 2010 I decided that I am a fan of Lady GaGa after viewing her “Telephone” video.  The video is creative, bold, intriguing, captivating and  outlandish, absurd, and obscene!  The video has it all, being part of her mini-film or chronicle (sequel to “Paparazzi”) and revealing to the world GaGa in all of her splendor.

I have been doing a just a bit of research on Miss GaGa and come to find is a rather grounded  individual and completely down to earth despite her unmistakably bizarre portrayal to the world through her music.

What was Gaga like on set?
She was extremely professional and very, very funny. After we did the [kissing] shot, she screamed across the yard to me, “I think you got me pregnant!” [Laughs] She was also very present and real. She took the time to ask people what they did for a living and who they were and where they were from. She was a very genuine, grounded person.
-Heather Cassils (Lady Gaga’s Prison Yard Girlfriend)

Her controversial presentation had me applauding yesterday while viewing Telephone…which is exactly why I am calling her a yogi(ni). A little confused?  Alright, let me explain:

Yes, Lady GaGa is making money doing her thing.  She is using sales, marketing techniques beyond comprehension and of course setting out to shock the world.  Now that we’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, Lady GaGa is uninhibited.

As far as I can tell,or conclude better yet-she isn’t considering her appeal to the general population while creating her appearance.  Quite honestly, she seems to me to be…HERSELF!  Miss GaGa is portraying her own true nature without inhibition and this reason alone deserves the standing ovation; from my seat.  From my seat, I see a female who has stepped into her body with confidence and charisma, and this dauntless character has emerged onto the foreground of mainstream media with unquestionable talent and skills.

And the tie to Yoga:  While fully engaged in my Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, one of the many lessons brought to my attention was exactly what Miss Lady GaGa seems to have perfected in her own right.


Be an individual be free be bold be outlandish be assertive be loud be charismatic be witty be tough be outspoken

Just Be!

I believe GaGa “gets it.”  This is something so many of us have yet to learn, including myself at times!  This is something that will send you sailing through life on a cloud of joy.  At times yes, being yourself can have drawbacks…we needn’t mention this.  What is important are the benefits, the bliss-divine bliss of living fully.  Stepping into the belief of truth itself that we are

Infinite, eternal and WHOLE!

Really…what girl doesn’t want to put on funky GaGa clothes and pose in a world of pink?  Not to mention metallic lip colour and the ultimate fashion statement Platinum blonde hair!

I’m totally GaGa for Miss GaGa.

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