This past Thursday, March 18, 2010- my love and I attended the Philadelphia Orchestra’s performance of Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major.

The conductor, Vladimir Mikhailovich Jurowski, is absolutely incredible.  His passion exuded from his being as his hands began to move and the dance of strings and hands, keys and notes,  commenced with Allegro con brio.

I believe it is rather difficult or quite possibly impossible to accurately depict the sensations, the emotions, the absolutely divine feelings that surface while fine-tuned to an auditory phenomenon as such…

Recalling a quote that was used to open the performance…something of the like:

Each step gives meaning to the last: a brush stroke leading another stroke, a form calling another form, colors singing when put next to each other. As a whole, they unite in harmony and become a symphony. (Alev Oguz)

I am certain; this quote is not verbatim.  However, the point is made.  A fine work of art is indescribable.  The effect on our internal being is quite unique.

The connection I will make here is with an informational piece I received quite a few years back in reference to the effect of sound and music within our physical being.  I have saved this information as it was gathered from an event at a hospital, believe it or not! The event was for cardiovascular health and awareness.   Vibrations are ohhh so important.  Your vibration is important…transmission of positive vibrations…AauuuMMM~~~~

“A study of 40 cardiac patients found that persons who listened to music secreted half the level of stress hormones as the group that did not listen to music…

This covers not only music written specifically to promote healing, but all music from any time or culture.

Benefits:   Candace Pert’s work indicates that we carry in our bodies every trauma and every negative idea or emotion that we choose to embrace.  In energetic terms we become “out of tune.”  The vibrations of sound help balance  our bodies.

Therapeutic music for the heart and circulatory system

Baroque music is the most basic and therapeutic kind of music that can best benefit the circulatory system.  Violin concertos are beneficial to the body circulatory rhythms string instruments are beneficial tot the heart and all of its functions.  Baroque music is good background music during cardiac surgery to facilitate the normal heart rhythms, thus decreasing bleeding and accelerating healing.

Baroque composers (such as Bach, Handel and Vivaldi) strongly affect the heart and circulatory system.

Classical Music for the circulatory system

Beethoven   Symphony No. 6 in F Major (Pastoral) Frees emotions, which may be hindering circulation;

opens, strengthens blood vessels.

Dubussy       Claire de Lune                                               Opens flow of emotions, balances body fluids; soothes                                                                                                             entire circulatory system, including high blood pressure

Baroque Music for the circulatory system

Handel  Water Music          ensures the proper flow and circulation blocked by emotions

DO your own research…there is much much more.

I’ll conclude this portion by stating, once again, this information was provided by a study from Meriter hospital. This hospital is one of nearly 5,000 thatU.S.News evaluated for the latest America’s Best Hospitals rankings.  For those that prefer the scientific evidence from medical professionals…

Furthermore…Speaking  a word, any word, in any language produces an actual physical vibration.

When speaking, our intention determines vibrational resonance.  The physical vibration coupled with a mental intention is thus the vibration that resonates within our physical being  and an additional mental component which influences the result of saying it. The sound, the vibrations manifests within our physical being and rides upon the wave of intention.  Practicing “Japa,” or mantras enables one to connect to the higher self, heighten intuition and create harmony and balance within.

Japa: is a spiritual discipline involving the meditative repetition of a mantra or name of God. The mantra or name may be spoken softly, enough for the practitioner to hear it, or it may be spoken purely within the recitor’s mind. Japa may be performed while sitting in a meditation posture, while performing other activities, or as part of formal worship in group settings. The practice of repetitive prayer is present in varied forms within most religions in the world, although the religions of India generally give more emphasis to it as a specific discipline. (wiki, 2010)

According to the French bioenergeticist, Fabien Maman, the human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument.

Music and sound have a particularly strong effect on the emotions. Sustained toning of vowels or elongating single syllables like the bija (seed essence) mantras can change the vibratory rate of cells and organs. It can release energy blocks and process records of trauma held in the body. The tone can be directed and focused into any area of the body that needs help.

Before I delve deeply, too deep-into this realm of vibration…I encourage a moment to experiment.

Choose a vibration…

tune in…

deep within….

NOTICE how you feel


Refer back for more “positive vibrations!” Aummm

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