Experiencing the moment

Greetings beautiful divine being!  I have just returned from a brief, yet fulfilling visit to Puerto Rico.   My love and I decided it was time to escape snowmageddon 2010 here in South Jersey and hence, we sought the high temperatures near the equator.  What did we find in Puerto Rico?  Well let me tell you…Much more than warm temperatures!

Puerto Rico is beautiful, pristine, raw and rugged all at the same time.

Our visit began the 3rd day of March and we returned home on the 10th.  In this brief period of time we:  made our way up to the highest peak-El Toro in El Yunque National Forest, formerly known as the Caribbean National Forest; at 3,537 feet above sea level.  Before doing so, raced up the winding stairway of the Yokahu observation tower; sipped a piña colada mmmmm…, hiked the winding trail to La Mina Waterfall and bared the frigid waters, stopped to observe a bit of mycro-restoration in  action, and catch a glimpse of a few brightly colored rainforest reptile.  The lush green rainforest is inviting, enchanting and breathtaking to say the least…

I mustn’t forget a palate sensation at El Jefe Burger Shack http://www.eljefeburger.com/in Luquillo…NACHOS! mmm. Best I’ve ever had: fresh ingredients and the best of all freshly made tortilla chips!  Skipping ahead in time:  driving two hours to the Ferry Dock to float on over to Vieques to visit the wondrous bioluminescent bay…

“Hidden along the Caribbean coast is one of the most spectacular Bioluminescent Bays in the world. The mysterious blue-green light is created by micro-organisms which thrive in an environment uniquely suited to their needs. A trip into the bay on a balmy night is a magical experience. Fish flash by in dark water, and a swim is like floating through star dust.” – Captain Sharon Grasso

Google it for some interesting photos, but don’t be fooled-you must captivate its splendor with your own eyes!

Joe and I took the tour with “Fun Brothers”

This was our wonderful guide, “Moses.”  Incredibly friendly, very hospitable and great personality.  His knowledge of the bio bay helped create the magical experience.  If you’re thinking of partaking in this indescribable experience, go to Vieques and check out Fun Brothers…they’re the best!


Not to forget the prior snorkeling in the warm Caribbean sea, mingling in the moonlight on the shore of Vieques, kayaking out into the calming waves of the open sea…

These mini-adventures are only the cumulative of the first two days in Puerto Rico…I will continue with this post, yet where I would like to take you now is a deeper journey inward, a deeper journey to the present, the now:

Experiencing the moment

There was  a significant moment, near the end of our brief visit to Puerto Rico in which we spent some time taking photographs with the aesthetic magnificence of a mangrove tree upon the shore in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Now this setting, I must tell you, was truly nothing less than magnificent.  From far in the distance, I spotted this mangrove tree, standing alone, positioned just out a mere three meters from the shore into a shallow point of the Caribbean Sea.  This strong, bold beautiful tree was, and is at this moment sturdy and inviting.  I found myself yearning to perch upon its winding branches to view the vast open sea before me.  I wanted nothing more than to be photographed with my newly discovered love-this vision of perfection nestled within the dense sand.  The memory that I could indefinitely carry with me was not enough at that moment, I wished to share this pleasant view with others, for they too could embrace the emotion of gratitude I felt at that moment for the privilege of viewing this sight in person.

My prompt to bask in this moment of gratitude was my love asking the question of how I felt while being photographed with this tree.  He mentioned that he felt taken with the beauty that he saw in me at that moment.  The moment I felt overwhelmed with gratitude, it vibrated from my being-creating an aura around that tree, an aura of beauty that is gratitude.  This mention of my beauty led me to make this connection-my beauty was only from within.  I felt the beauty of the scene, of the backdrop, of the moment; I embraced the moment, and just then, and only then could one view the beauty radiating through to the physical world.

How did I feel when being photographed?  I felt one with the moment.  I felt the vast, serene, pristine sea before me and the vast universe within connecting as one, as a whole.  I felt the clear sky above receiving my gratitude; the cool breeze embracing my physical body as it swirled around me, taking the vibrations of appreciation with it to offer to the beauty of nature.  I felt strong, like the mangrove tree I had perched upon, supported and grounded.  I felt the branches of the tree beneath the soles of my feet, unyielding and rooted.  I felt balanced as the tree remained still among the powerful sea and forceful wind.  Poetic?  Not quite, merely factual.

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