Worlds and Worlds of Bodies

“We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.”

                                                                            The Talmud

This quote I copied from a pieced of pater that found its way to my immediate attention today. This piece fo paper had notes written on it.  The body’s exhibit, which I had the privilege of viewing for the second time.

The first Body Worlds exhibit I viewed at the museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL.  My intrigue was enough for me enough to enter, yet became overwhelmed rather quickly.

The second viewing, at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia-I have much to many, many too much , much words to describe my experience.  My knowledge of the physical human body has significantly advanced and expanded.

I was moved, for lack of better words.

I found myself close to tears in awe of the beauty we each hold as

living, breathing creatures of infinite potential.

 “Your body is the harp of your soul…and it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.”

                                                                   Khalil Gibran

The “Yoga Lady, 2005,” the plasticized representation of a female human body, who had practiced a great deal of Yoga- had quote, “remarkably well-developed muscles.”

What a lovely affirmation that was for me and yoginis alike! 

An image display on the wall provided these infamous names with corresponding ages:

Joan of Arc 17

Bill Gates 14

Jane Austen 14

Albert Einstein 16

…And why exactly were these ages significant?

Joan of Arc won back Orleans from the English in 1429

Bill Gates made his first $20,000

Jane Austen wrote Love and Friendship

Albert Einstein proposed the Theory of Relativity

“The Aging Brain-coping with less”

“…from birth to old age our mental ability depends on the use fo the brain and the readiness to challenge the mind and keep learning.”

Let that sit for a moment.  Then ponder this- security, safety, all things provided with ease..only euphisms for death.

hmmm…I also read “a common myth says we only use 10% of our brains […]not true!”

and regarding sleep; which is vital for health and wellbeing, as researchers emphasize major findings: 

*sleep deprivation causes illness


memory deficit

*our hippocampus and neocortex  cannot communicate without sufficient sleep

*individuals born blind do not show R.E.M.

Very interesting information. The beauty of life and technology to explore and willingness to understand…

I highly recommend getting to know your insides!  First step? 

practice YOGA!


 Kripalu YTT November 2009

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One Response to Worlds and Worlds of Bodies

  1. Kathleen says:

    I do believe you are right! Your insight is so inspirational

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