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Skip back in time with me today! Remembe…

Skip back in time with me today! Remember Tantra? But of course! Check out my updated Tantra post and continue interweaving with me… Advertisements

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Kundalini कुण्डलिनी

Yesterday evening, I attended my first Kundalini style Yoga class.    Disclaimer:  I am conveying my personal physical observations throughout the class.  My intention is not to portray the practice of Kundalini in a negative light. The predominant style of popular … Continue reading

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Artistic meditation…

I took a class today with Jane Whiting.  She is a well known, fabulous artist from South Jersey here… First class!  Scaling, Blending, Canvas and acrylic! Here’s where I am today:

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This blistering cold weather has dried me out!  Not a gram of water vapor present in the air!  Thus, hydration is key! DRINK MORE WATER! I’ve just purchased a lovely new water bottle from…gasp…I can’t say where, as I truly … Continue reading

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