Namaste my lovlies! I’ve decided it’s a great time to throw in a racy, and potentially controversial subject.

You’ve got it! SEX!


Stop for just one moment before you read on. What does “SEX” mean to you? Or is it difficult for you to think and focus with the mere mention?

Love making

Are you one of the many who experience discomfort associated with this word? SEX?!

Leave a comment…what is sex? More to come. Stay tuned.

Hello again my dear readers.

I have returned to update my Tantra post.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word loosely translated as “interwoven.”  The word “expansion” is another, less frequently used translation of the word Tantra.  The word expansion is in reference to consciousness.  Why would one expand their consciousness through the practice of Tantra?  Unity with the Divine, the embrace of God, call it what you choose.

Shakti, also known as “the cosmic mother” is the interwoven Divinity or God of Tantra.

Tantra is Yoga.  Tantra Yoga is not the same as Tantric Sex, these terms are not interchangeable.

Before I expound on the subject of  Tantric Sex, I would like to begin with the origin and foundation.

To provide you with the true essence of Tantra through my writing, I must convey in all respects,that I have only begun to explore, in effort to expand my consciousness, the deep-rooted  practice of Tantra.  This choice and commence of Tantric exploration has elicited tremendous results in several facets of my life in less than 3 months time.

A technical definition of Tantra:  Originating from the Pre-Aryan Era; A 5,000 year old belief system founded upon the Ancient Hindu religion of India.

Rediscovery is the word used by my first (official) Tantric gurus.  We all have the knowledge of Tantra within, however, we “rediscover” and awaken ourselves as we practice. http://www.tantranova.com/

The infrastructure of Tantra rests upon the belief that all things in creation and all aspects of life are sacred.  Viewing oneself as a god or goddess in effort to create a sense of “heaven on earth.”

Does the prior come across as rather esoteric?  It’s not.  You create your reality…scroll down to the previous post if I’ve lost you.

In practicing Tantra, individuals learn to form a spiritual connection with everything and everyone around them.  We are all one.  I am you and you are me.  Please refer to “Who is Lana?” for further explanation if I’ve lost you here.  If not, stay with me, we’re getting somewhere; Promise…

The universe is an interwoven network (similar to the world-wide web) of interrelated interconnected existence.

Everything impacts everything else.

stay tuned to begin interweaving with me 😉

Monday, 22 February 2010  UPDATE

Hello again my lovlies!  Let’s continue with Tantra shall we?

I may repeat a few things here, but repetition is the best way for our “monkey minds” to retain information!  So hold on to your seat, ground yourself and let your mind dive into the Tantric sea…

Indian Diety roots:  the great sage, Vasugupta was believed to have lived during the latter half of the 18th century.  Vasugupta awoke one morning after a dream in which Lord Shiva appeared, guiding  the sage to visit a nearby mountain.  Mahadevgiri is the mountain where the sage would find 77 Sutras (verses) under a rock.  Vasugupta obeyed Shiva’s instruction and discovered the Sutras, which revealed a path to samadhi (enlightenment).  this path to samadhi is achieved through a practice of a philosophy, the practice of Tantra.

Vasugupta began teaching this form of Tantra, deemed Kashmir Shaivism, and thus the commence.

As with most anything in history, controversy follows this origin of Tantra.

A consistent, core aspect that remains throughout each varying philosophy is nonduality.

The Divine existence prevails in every particle of the universe.

In a non-dualist belief system, there is no separation between the material world and the spiritual realm.

The duality we perceive around us-good/bad; yin/yang; male/female are illusions created by the ego.  The reality is the universal consciousness in which all opposites are contained.

As a Tantrika, or practitioner of Tantra, non-dualism means that every emotion, sensation, interaction and the like-is a manifestation of the divine in which

one may be brought closer to their own source of divinity.

as the practice of Tantra and the practice of Yoga are interwoven at a colossal level (which I will go into deeper next post), the physical body concept is a main focus.  The concept of physical body in Tantra is the manifestation of spirit.

Through the practice of Yoga asanas, the body becomes strong and purifed, the univese of opposties are united within and thus becomes a vehicle for ending sufferening and attaining liberation.

This physical placement of body upon predistool, and misinformed teachings have led many to associate Tantra with SEX.

Tantra’s philosophy regarding intercourse is parallel with the concept of life as a bridge-to that of Divine consciousness.

Well know Yogini Shiva Rea’s explains Tantra through something everyone can understand…Chocolate!

“The point is not just to eat, drink, and be merry with no consequences, but it’s having a moment-to-moment repsonse to the energy”[…chocalate] Can be eaten addictively, but if soemone offers it to you at the right time, it’s an “absolute alchemical and divine experience invoked with meaning.”

This reminds me of when a friend (Nicole), during the Kripalu Yoga Teacher training gave me some chocolate when I was in dire need. Yes, in dire need of Chocolate. My love (Joe) and I returned to her chocolate not only once, but twice with the intention of pure JOY… and yes, the right chocolate can lead one to experience joy!

Shiva Rea’s chocolate theory applied to sex reveals that intention
is the determining factor, of utmost importance.

stay tuned!

July 12, 2010

It appears that this post…regarding SEX is by far the most intriguing.  I would have to agree, what isn’t interesting about this topic?!  Everything in our society relates to it in some way…if not anything else; it’s how we all came to be in this form n’est pas?!

I haven’t much to say at this moment, just a quick reminder that this post is NOT about SEX.  This post  is about Tantra.  Tantricas view  SEX in a way that I respect and practice.  Thus, I want to share my knowledge and as my Tantric teachers would call a “rediscovery.”

We know how to connect-we innately know how to connect with one another on a deeper, more profound level.  When we are entangled and intertwined, interwoven, intermingled…dancing the divine dance of LOVE…there is an universe to be explored within and by connecting intimately, we can delve into that universe and expand ourselves by reaching our higher selves by uniting with the source during Tantric sex.

Practice #1:  (oh yes my dearies…we’re getting into it now…the doors are open…you’re free to let curiosity guide and inquiry is highly encouraged)

SImPle siMPLE!   Breathing together.  First try breathing simultaneously.  Next, inhale and your partner exhales…consecutive breath we’ll call it…

Without getting too complex.  Focus on the breath.  Life force.  Prana.

My breathing 🙂 partner and I in El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico

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One Response to Tantric…Sex?

  1. Seerat says:

    I think Sex is an Art of Love making which comes with Passion.

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