Planting Seeds of the mind

Recently, I had the pleasure of contemplating on the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know,” released in February of 2004. To begin with one summarizing, all encompassing (and simple) word, WOW. The theme of the film is simple:

We create our own reality.

This concept is not new, nor is it complicated to understand by the likes of human beings.

I spent one month of Yoga Teacher training at Kripalu listening to myself and others be reminded of the importance of “I” statements.  Thus, I will avoid a recurring, erroneous and habitual  characteristic of my  writing by using “I”…

Despite the many various moments of positivity and optimism in my life, I am rather decided in deducing a perpetuation of negative mental patterns.  What I am very aware of, thank you to a conglomeration of advanced psychology courses is that neural pathways* in our brains are carved deeper by repetition.  My negative thoughts and patterns were perpetuating my negative thoughts and were creating more negative thoughts and triggering more negative thoughts…simple right?

For example:  I have test anxiety.  I might fail this test.  I’m nervous and I’m taking the test.  Why even continue on?  I’m nervous, cannot concentrate, and will probably get everything wrong anyways- even if I do know that I know that I know the answer to each question. What is the point, I might as well give up.  I might give up on school and formal education altogether because if I can’t take tests, I can’t do school.  Clearly my whole life might be over if I go on this way just because I can’t take tests, I have test anxiety.

Does this ever happen to you?  I know that I have done it a copious and unnecessary number of times.

Unfortunately, research has shown that 90% of self-talk, our internal dialogue; in our heads, tends to be negative.

I’ll start somewhere else.  Somewhere positive. I have a new grasp on tests.  I can handle them.  Not only handle them but I can remain calm and confident because each test is only a second of in the grand scheme of my life.  I planned well and studied thoroughly, I have no worries.  The only thing I can do is my best and that is just what I’ll do…I could go on this way just as easily as with a negative thought pattern.   However, this positive continuum of thoughts will (and has) attract efficacious results in this direction.   When I can mentally and emotionally feel it, see it, taste it-BELIEVE it…it is then truth and truth  is


which I created by my thoughts.

not to mention, this goes much deeper:  It’s snowing in South Jersey right now, yet I’m still on the beach…

Jersey Shore

neural pathways:  connects one part of the nervous system with another and usually consists of bundles of elongated, myelin-insulated neurons, known collectively as white matter. Neural pathways serve to connect relatively distant areas of the brain or nervous system, compared to the local communication ofgrey matter.  (Wikipedia, 2009)

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